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Aug 15, 2011 01:01 AM

Fabulous Chicken and Waffle Brunch at ZeroZero

Third time. Third plate of fried chicken thighs and semolina waffles. And it's still my favorite thing for brunch! I suspect those succulent thighs are brined before being coated with flour and fried to a dark golden crisp. And those waffles! I've never had lighter, crisper, more fragile waffles anywhere. The chestnut honey butter and applewood smoked bacon are great complements, but I'll have them skip the maple syrup next time to keep the sweet-savory balance from tipping too far in the sweet direction.

The brunch pizzas are pretty good, but I only go there for the chicken and waffles. And the Strauss soft-serve vanilla ice cream with hot fudge and salt.

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  1. I was about to go to bed, but now I'm hungry! Thanks a lot :)
    I have to try those some time; they sound amazing!

    1. What's the price for the brunch item? I had the skillet fried chicken as an appetizer there for dinner, and they were phenomenal. Shatteringly crispy crust, hot juicy interior. As close to perfect as I've tasted in the last year or two. But at $13 for what looked like three large chicken fingers, it was hard to order more.

      And I agree, that Strauss soft-serve is incredible.

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        I agree that the chicken in not cheap, but I got 3 boneless pieces yesterday, equivalent to one large thigh or one-and-a-half small ones, and the waflle and bacon: $11.75.

        I like it even better than Little Skillet's chicken and waffles, and I can eat it in comfort.

        Yup, that Strauss soft serve is wonderful: I'm still obsessing about my next fix.

        Zero Zero
        826 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94107

      2. It is a great dish. But I didn't read the menu carefully and I was expecting just waffles and chicken, like at Little Skillet, and when it arrived with all that bacon and a BIG scoop of the butter, we giggled with delight at the sheer decadence. And when the waiter offered the ice-cream afterwards, we laughed and laughed (we didn't order it).