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Aug 14, 2011 09:09 PM

Waldport + - 50 miles

Hi all,

Doing a little vacation based in Waldport OR on the coast in a few weeks. We'll be daytripping within a 50 mile radius. My family always relies on me to be the food info gatherer. Could anyone provide some foodie informationfor what's good in this vicinity. Not looking at strictly restaurants either, but food shops, markets, specialty stores, etc. Any food festivals happening around labor day?

I'm guessing that when we go out, it will be lunch certainly, and some dinners. We'll probably bring some cereal with us to cut the costs a little, unless there is some fabulous breakfast place that we can't miss. I'm going w/my family (husband and 2 small boys) and my parents so no romantic dinners with white tablecloths and wine needed. Just some moderate budget, good tasting food. Any cuisine.


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  1. An edit and attempt to breathe life into this thread - when I said 50 miles +-, that includes east. So, north, south or east. Please don't suggest anything 50 miles to the west :)

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      We like a couple of places in Yachats, probably about 20 minutes South (not West!!) of Waldport. Lunasea is a small spot with outside seating. The owner has a fishing boat, so fresh seafood means fresh seafood :). Fried means fried too, so the kids will be happy while you can stuff yourselves on great sweet fresh crab. Also in Yachats is Heidi's Homemade Food. Nice folks, good food, and be sure to save room for whatever pie she's baked that day.

      1. re: zenon5

        Thank you! Seafood sounds delicious and my mom is a dessert addict.

    2. -Chowder Bowl in Newport-best fish and chips and chowder, easy place to take kids.
      -my folks like a new place in Yachats-Uva? Something like that.
      -I'd search some old threads for Newport, Lincoln City, etc

      You can't really get anywhere that I can think of 50 miles inland.