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Aug 14, 2011 08:15 PM

adding rum in cake recipes

Hi there

I have a bottle of dark rum that needs to be used and I'm thinking of making a dark chocolate cake with this. I have the recipe for a dark chocolate cake which uses olive oil instead of butter. My question is how much dark rum should I put in? Do I decrease the proportion of olive oil without making the cake dry or too runny? Thanks for your help.

Here's the link to the chocolate cake recipe:

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  1. I tend to *drink* dark rum, especially if it's good dark rum, but to each their own.

    The best way I've found to "liquor up" a cake is to bake it according to the recipe, then let cool. Turn each layer upside down and sprinkle the cake with the liquor (I put my thumb over the neck of the bottle and let it drip, but whatever works best for you). Let it sit for an hour or so to let some of the alcohol evaporate, then ice as usual (stirring a spoonful of the liquor into the frosting in place of water).

    1. You could find a recipe online for Rum Cake and use the rum simple syrup on your cake.

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      1. I was planning to say you can't sub alcohol for olive oil, but after looking at that recipe, that's an amazing amount of oil (2/3 cup) to flour (1 cup). It's definitely going to be a fudgey , rich cake. So...I think you COULD sub in some rum...i'd probably replace 1/3 to 1/4 of the oil (good luck measuring that).

        Afterwards, I would take Sunshine's advice about drizzling the warm cake w/ rum. I'd maybe poke some holes w/ a toothpick first. Let us know how the experiment works!

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          +1 on the toothpick first, or better still, a skewer or a knitting needle if it's in a bundt pan! I made a rum cake earlier this year and found the knitting needle allowed for maximum depth of rumminess!