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Aug 14, 2011 06:46 PM

Frosting cupcakes to leave at room temp

I'm making cupcakes for a friend who's making a road trip. Since it's August, I'm concerned about what to frost them with, because they'll be out at room temperature for several days. Is there anything tasty that won't spoil? Thanks.

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  1. If the window for editing your post is still open, I suggest you change "covering" to frosting. It sounds like you are asking what to package/wrap them in but upon rereading I see that you mean frosting/icing.

    Consider filling rather than frosting them. Less messy when traveling, and you can always add a plain confectioner's sugar icing made with milk, coconut milk, or lemon juice.

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      Thank you! Great suggestion about changing covering to frosting. If I do a confectioner's sugar icing with milk, can it stay at room temperature in summer? Or does the milk spoil? As far as filling them, what kind of thing do you mean? Thanks so much.

    2. Why not black bottom cupcakes that are not frosted? Since the cream cheese inside is baked with the cupcake, I think it would last okay.

      1. Italian meringue or swiss meringue buttercream can sit out for days.

        1. Thanks for the ideas. What about a simple glaze? I think simple will work best for this guy.

          1. You could also do a fondant need a bit of frosting to adhere the fondant to the top of the cupcakes, but one made with shortening (I know, I know - I'd never frost something in an all-shortening frosting, but this is just a bit to get the fondant to stick) will be heat resistant into the 90s, and you can make really cute decorations with the fondant.

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            1. re: Orange_Blossom

              I don't like to eat fondant. It's pretty for making fancy cakes, but I think of it as decoration, not food.

              I like the glaze idea. Lemon or lime juice and powdered sugar, with some zest baked into the cake.

              1. re: Jay F

                If it will appeal to most to her friend's palate (as the OP seems to indicate it will), then of course. Though I will say that some people do enjoy homemade marshmallow fondant. The stuff from the cans is atrocious, though.

                1. re: Orange_Blossom

                  Yes, a simple glaze may do. i did some googling today and several sites said that even a butter or cream based topping (frosting or ganache) would survive for a few days because the sugar protects it. The ganache idea would make me nervous, but it makes sense that butter would survive. Maybe even milk. Not sure. Checked Rose Levy Beranbaum's Cake Bible and she claims her cream-based glaze does okay at room temp for a few days. Not sure.