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Aug 14, 2011 06:36 PM

Where to Stock up on the Way to Georgian Bay?

Though I live in Ottawa, both of my daughters moved to NYC, settled there, married, had children... In a week or so my daughter, her two sons under five and i are driving to her friend's cottage in Georgian Bay. There is no place to shop at the cottage and we need to stock up on the way. We love local, organic, vegetables, fish, poultry, dairy, etc. We are driving north from NY through Niagara and Toronto. Any suggestions you might have will be super helpful and gratefully received.


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  1. Maybe tell us your exact destination and
    whether you are looking for Toronto suggestions or something closer to the cottage. Elmvale for example has a good bakery and a small local-themed shop with fish etc, both in the same block as a nice lunch stop, but only if it's on your way - I don't think you could do all your groceries here. In the whole area there is not too much shopping I would go out of
    my way for.

    1. What day of the week will you be traveling? You could hit a farmers market, but most aren't open every day.

      1. Depending on where on Georgian Bay you're heading, Nicholyn Farm Market is a great place to stock up on local produce, some of it organic, locally made artisanal cheeses and condiments, and frozen, naturally raised poultry and meats. It's located just past Barrie near Horseshoe Valley Resort, off of Hwy 400 a few miles past the turnoff for Hwy 11.

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          Whole Foods is now open at Square 1 (just off the 403 at Hurontario). Still a long way to the Bay though.

          Also thoroughly recommend the meat stock up at Medium Rare, fairly close off the 427 NB. There are enough frozen goodies to keep everything cold

          Medium Rare
          5241 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M9B, CA

        2. Thank you all for the suggestions! We got the basics at Sobey's in Barrie and stopped at the Nicholyn farms which is absolutely amazing. We ended up having lunch there as well as picking up fresh, organic and GF stuff - all great! We drove through Elmvale to get to Chistian Island (our destination) ferry and could have stopped at afish and bakery shops - Julesrules, please share the names/locations - I am definitely going next year (if invited)!

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            The 3 places in Elmvale are all within a block or two on the north side of Queen Street.

            The Elmvale Bakery is at 32 Queen St West. Great donuts and apparently good German baking. Kind of old school, I wouldn't go here looking for great cupcakes or cookies, but enough tempting items to keep me busy for many visits I suspect. If you google there's some blog posts and yelp reviews of this place, everyone seems to love it.

            I haven't been in Field of Greens ( but I hear the owner does prepared foods and preserves, and there was a sign for local pickerel when I walked by.

            Pieces of Old is a cute lunch place with a limited menu of sandwiches, homemade soup etc. A little boring/basic for mains IMHO but, a nice variety of homemade pies, crumbles etc for dessert, with Kawartha Dairy ice cream to go on top. Kids' menu too which includes actual bright-orange Kraft Dinner... ok, not what everyone wants to feed their kids, but it was a perfect lunch spot for us after Elmvale Zoo (kids are 1 and 5).
            All in all - this little stretch of Elmvale has way more interesting options than all of Wasaga Beach, and it's only a short drive from there (not relevant for you but our cottage is in Wasaga).

            You could also consider a stop at Mad Michael's BBQ on your way north, there's a chowhound thread with lots of love, open Thur-Sun only though.

            Mad Michael's
            8215 93 Hwy, Wyebridge, ON L0K1E0, CA