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Aug 14, 2011 05:41 PM

Any Oxford/Seymour/Southbury CT recs?

Moving soon to Oxford and looking for good recs for all types of food from basic take out (chinese,Italian) to places for fine dining (and anything in between) . Any info would be appreciated!

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  1. Phillips Restaurant for breakfast (famous for pies & doughnuts) and San Remo Pizza in nearby Woodbury. Have family there so have eaten in both places dozens of times. Also, Woodbury has the area's only [supermarket sized] natural food store -- New Morning -- which is now building a larger building up by San Remo. The cafe will seat 30+. Haven't eaten there but natural food stores often have better (healthier anyway) take out than ethnic places.

    San Remo Pizza & Restaurant
    3945 Main St, Bridgeport, CT 06606

    1. Had some friends who just dined at The Brookside and said it was good. It's Italian. It's been there forever.

      Brookside Cafe
      6 Fuller St, Ludlow, MA 01056

      1. Dottie's Diner in Woodbury used to be Philip's. It's unremarkable and a little expensive for what you get, but you might get to spot somebody from tv or movies there.

        The Woodbury Diner, farther up the road has much better food for less $. Run by a culinary school grad. Great omelets, excellent soups, etc. On Thrs, Fri, Sat they do a Prime rib special for ca $10.95 which includes soup or salad, potato and a decent slab of meat plus bread if you request. We do that for take-out.

        J&J mentioned the Brookside Inn in Oxford. We had lunch there earlier this year and it was absolutely delicious. It's right on the main road going through town.

        More upscale is Caole Peck's Good News Cafe in Woodbury. Carole is called the Alice Waters of the east coast. She specializes in using local, organic ingredients in very creative dishes. We go there more often for lunch when entree prices are mostly between $14 - $18, but the portions are substantial enough that you can eiuther take part home for later or won't need to eat later anyway.

        We have not had good experiences at San Remo siunce they changed hands but do like the pizza made by the owner of the new Mad Greek Wood Fire Pizzaria in S'bury. It is in the Italian style rather than the Greek.

        Finally, in Oxford you have Rich Farm which makes some of the best ice cream in CT.

        Brookside Inn Restaurant
        231 Oxford Rd, Oxford, CT 06478

        Good News Cafe
        694 Main St S, Woodbury, CT 06798

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          thanks for the update. seems my info is out of date. I should add that my positive reviews might have come with an asterisk.... meaning, these are not destination restaurants, but for where they are (the middle of nowhere, pretty much), they're fine. I forgot that Phillips is now called Dottie's! I've been to Carol Peck's and thought it was charming and the food was good, but I don't love super-expensive lunches unless someone else is paying! chacun a son gout

        2. If you are going up to Woodbury you must visit Ovens of France bakery!!!!!

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            I lived in Oxford for 10 years and well, you're not going to find GREAT food in the immediate area. First Street Pizza in Seymour is the best pizza in the area, take out and delivery only. However they are also the most expensive pizza in the area and I've noticed that they started skimping on the toppings. Rosa's pizza is a nice Italian family restaurant. Food is okay but again, you're not going to find fine dining in Oxford.

            I haven't been to Brookside in about 5yrs but the last time I was there for drinks and appetizers everything was good.

            Rolando's is your "bar" of Oxford. Its also a family restaurant but the food is iffy at best. Drinks are good.

            LaCucinaRustica is similar to Rosa's. Family type Italian style food.

            I found the best Chinese food in the area is right on the Oxford Seymour line and the name is escaping me. Its in the plaza behind the new CVS. Again, its Seymour so food is okay but its not going to Wow you.

            Crave in Ansonia in my opinion is the best food in the Valley. I'm also hearing great things about the new Antonio's that have opened in Beacon Falls and Ansonia.

            Fritz's is a nice place for breakfast, coffee could be better. Sandwich Man is eh at best.

            A Nardelli's just opened in Oxford. Nardellis has been on the travel channel for having great sandwiches. I've been to a Nardelli's once in Naugatuck and it was a good sandwich.

            I've heard good things about the food at The Lodge in Southford, its a bar, haven't been there so can't really give an opinion.

            I've also heard good things about the Trestle Tavern in Seymour, but again, its a bar and I haven't been there.

            Welcome to Oxford!