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Aug 14, 2011 05:09 PM

What to eat at Prime Rib?

I'm being taken there for a celebratory dinner this week. I never eat at steakhouses, so I'm looking forward to it. I know several Philly Hounds like it here, so what do you recommend? Which cut of meat? Which sides?

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  1. I have eaten there many times.I would order the prime rib,its their specialty.I enjoy their au gratin potatoes ,creamed spinach and mushrooms.Enjoy!

    1. Yes, of course, the Prime Rib. All other choices are based on personal preferences, but the Prime Rib is one of the best, if not the best, in the city. My choice is an end cut. Can't miss on this one!

      1. What l order is the Prime Rib, but what they do is roast it then sear it on the grill to lightly char the outside and call it a 'rib steak'. Their Maryland Crab soup is my app. If you go Sun, Mon, Tues it is a BYOB with no corkage.

        1. This is my preferred steakhouse in Philadelphia. (Second choice is DaVinci's -- a house of a different approach entirely.)

          As a lighter eater, I usually get the house salad or Roasted Tomato Soup and Prime Rib (medium rare). These are both available on the Prix Fixe menu on BYOB nights. What a deal!!

          PS Yes, the Prix Fixe portions are smaller than the gargantuan ones available a la carte.

          1. I've had the prime rib and the NY strip. The prime rib wins every time.

            For appetizers, I like the Greenberg potato skins, which may not be to some peoples' taste (they truly are just skins).