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Aug 14, 2011 04:44 PM

Wine Rec for 75th Birthday - A Typical Summer BBQ


I love reading this board, consider my self a work in progress as wine goes, and learn so much from all of you but don't post very often.

A young at heart friend is celebrating his 75 birthday and he has requested a "typical BBQ" for his party. It's going to be BBQ Ribs (beef and pork) BBQ chicken, baked beans, creamy red potato salad with dill, someone is bringing a green salad, who knows what others will bring? Desserts will be lemon merengue pie and NY style cheesecake (plain) all homemade by excellent cooks.

I've been asked to bring the wine (there will be 10 of us) and along with celebratory champagne, I was thinking along the lines of Zin and / or ??? And what about white for those who only drink that?

Range would be in the 15-25 pricing.

Any and all suggestions welcome!



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  1. I just had a very nice 2009 Rhone wine called Domaine Grand Veneur, CLOS SIXTE Lirac, which you can find as low as $19, although $25 seems to be a more common price. I think it would pair very well with the food you mention (it's a lusty Rhone wine) and you get that great Rhone engraved bottle, which seems very classy for a birthday celebration.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look to see if I can find that here in the LA area.

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        Yes, I'm in L.A. also. I got it at L.A. Wine Company for $25 a bottle. You can also get it from Wine Exchange in Orange for $20 a bottle. If you are in West L.A., it's also available for $25 at the Wine House on Cotner.

        I order from Wine Exchange in Orange all the time. Rather than trekking down to Orange County, I just have them ship. Shipping is reasonable and if you are in L.A., it arrives overnight.

        I don't know where you are located in L.A., but another wine I have enjoyed recently is the 2007 Jean Louis Chave Offerus St. Joseph -- it's a Syrah made by one of the great Rhone producers. That's available for $24 from Woodland Hills Wine Company ; for $24 from Mission Wines (in Pasadena, Glendale and Sherman Oaks) ; for $26 from Bernard's Wine Gallery in Calabassas and for $28 from Flask Wine in Studio City

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          Thanks so much. I live in the Valley but work in El Segundo so can hit up some of those places. And I actually have a number of Rhone style Syrahs which might work, now that you mention Syrah. Thanks for the suggestions and wine shops. I'll check them out!

    2. Consider a rose in addition to the zin, which is perfect for the wine. Gloria Ferrer I believe has sparkling wines in that price range. I'm partial to J K Carriere's rose, but it will likely be hard to find. Rosenblum makes some good zins in that price range as well.

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        Thanks! I do love a good rose and was thinking about that after I posted my note. Just wasn't sure what style might work with this menu.

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          Yea, I was going to suggest this, too. Lots of options at the Wine House, K & L, very good prices. Especially Topline in Glendale.....