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Aug 14, 2011 04:24 PM

Good croissants in Tokyo ?

Hi to all,
I haven't had any luck in finding great croissants in Tokyo,
I like mines soaked with butter,
anybody has an idea where I could find good croissants in the Meguro/Shibuya/Ebisu area ?
Thanks a lot in advance for the help :)

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  1. if you like "soaked with butter", Echire in Marunouchi Brick Square is the place. Other side of town, but worth the shlep.

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    1. re: Uncle Yabai

      I guess the name says it all ;)
      Will check it out, thank you !

    2. Have you tried Viron in Shibuya?

      1. Jean Francois Boulangerie - I haven't been to the one in Shibuya but the croissant I had in the Ometesando branch blew me away. It put every other croissant I've had to shame.



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        1. re: la2tokyo

          A vote also for Jean Francois. The croissant are shape irregularly, I liked that hand made form!!!!
          Even the croissant of Echire and Virons are made from Echire butter, the Echire croissant has been so soaked with butter that the bottom is buttery and the Viron's don't have the wet moist butter necessary to counterbalance the crunchy outside skin.

          1. re: Ninisix

            Except for those already mentionned, my other favorites are Ianak!(Maison Kayser's disciple), D'une rarete(hedgehog shape) and Dominique Saibron(nice butter taste).
   (Ianak! near Nishi-Nippori JR station
            ) (D'une rarete -Omotesando
            ) (Dominique Saibron -Tokyu Hands Shibuya)

            1. re: Ninisix

              The croissant of Dominique SAIBRON changed, it wasn't anymore like it. The partner might have cut the butter proportion !! If it continues, the Dominique Saibron in the Hankyu will have to close.. 
              Unfortunately, the recipe of the CBS tarts of Le Roux also became different (caramel jelly?).

          2. re: la2tokyo

            I agree. I ate at the Shibuya location (located in the food court of the Mark City mall) and it was really tasty. I didn't try the plain croissant but the almond croissant I had blew me away, as did some of the other pastries I had there. Good spot indeed.

          3. Y'all are making me miss Japan sooo much!

            Of the ones mentioned, I've only tried Echire. Tasty, but I don't think I'd stand in line for an hour for them again. Or maybe I would, but only if doing a croissant taste test (which after reading this thread, may be necessary the next time I'm in Tokyo!)

            1. Le Pain Quotidien, near the Tokyo Prince Hotel in Shibakoen, makes a mean croissant as well. The shop is across the street from the Minato-ku ward office, so stop by the next time you're updating your ARC!

              They also open at 7:30am, unlike most other bakeries in Tokyo.