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Aug 14, 2011 03:50 PM

NY Kosher steaks

Anyone tried online ordering from this site ?

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  1. Yes, we've been using them for a few months. By and large it is the best meat we've had, the rib steaks, hanger steaks, and ground beef are all fantastic. We've generally liked the short ribs as well but the last batch we got were not as good as before. Unlike other online sources we've used, the meat arrives fresh, not frozen -- though of course we do wind up freezing most of it. But I think it's tastier than meat which has been deep frozen.

    Not that the meat is non-glatt and certified by Rabbi Israel Mayer Steinberg, and thus not accepted by most Orthodox folks as far as I know.

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      Does anybody know of Rabbi Steinberg?

      1. re: helou

        Yes, but this forum is not the place to discuss him. Ask your Rabbi.