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Aug 14, 2011 03:11 PM

Take Out Dinner in Destin

hey everyone,

my family is going to destin next week, and i've been tasked with finding a place to get takeout for dinner one night (there are 4 kids under 3 so going out to dinner will be limited). i'm thinking something casual and american like burgers, bbq, fried chicken, etc., as there are some less than adventurous eaters in the group. i was hoping someone could suggest something along these lines in the destin area that isn't a whataburger or sonic (30-45 minute drive radius works). i saw an earlier post that mentioned house of klaus that sounded promising, any thoughts? thanks for your help.


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  1. Both Publix and Fresh Market have decent deli areas with rotisserie chicken and the like. I'd give the subs nod to Publix (and they've also got chicken tenders there) and then say that Fresh Market has better sides and more protein options.

    I'm not a bbq expert, but have managed to do fairly well at Jim and Nick's just west of Walmart on occasion.

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      Thanks for the suggestions, will do some investigation once I hit the ground. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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        The not adventurous eaters is a bit of a limiter. One you get past grocery store deli and pizza, the next most common takeout food in the area is Thai. (largest Asian ethnic group around here, and all of those folks to have a mom or an aunt that runs a local restaurant.) If that's okay with you, and folks can handle the mild being somewhat spicy at times, Jasmine Thai over by Destin Commons is usually quite good.

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          yeah, it can be a tough group...thai may work, i'll have to rally the troops a bit before then to maybe step out of their shells a bit. thanks again for your input!

    2. If it's not too late - take out from Marie's on 30A (excellent sushi, plus meat, fish, seafood etc) - everything is delicious and reasonably priced.

      House of Klaus is great also - house made ice cream, huge burgers, tasty fried shrimp and other goodies, and everything readily available for take out.

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