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Aug 14, 2011 02:58 PM

cheap meat for jerky

anyone know where i can get some really cheap cuts of beef for making jerky? ive been using london broil at my local acme for an outrageous $4.00 a pound.

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      1. Have you checked the Asian supermarkets? The one on Oregon Ave has some real cheap stuff, like cloudy bags of various chicken parts labeled "chicken things." The meats are kind of spread out, some are at the butcher counter, some are packed fresh in coolers along the wall, and some are frozen in big freezers opposite the butcher counter. The freezers are where I saw the chicken things.

        1. when i've made beef jerky in the past, i'd use eye of the round, which michael ruhlman suggests in his charcuterie book. i've seen this cut at a "normal" grocery store (i.e. shoprite, acme) sometimes on sale, like buy one get one free.

          1. We make jerky all Winter with top round we get at the Restaurant Depot. There's one in Manayunk and South Philly. It's usually less than $1.50/lb.

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              can anyone (i.e. home cooks) go to the restaurant depot? i've always wondered this.