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Aug 14, 2011 01:38 PM

Dominion on Queen stinks

Someone suggested we go for pancakes so we did.

What a mistake that was!!

One waitress serving the entire restaurant and patio and the owner was too busy entertaining his private family party to care about the rest of the joint.

It took close to 15 minutes for her to bring us 4 coffees and close to an hour to deliver 4 plates of french toast. Never mind that the promised water took 4 visits until we finally saw it.

Very uninspired food + horrible service = 4 very disappointed people.

I hope I can save others from the same.

2 words - don't bother.

I read somewhere else that this a place to go for the beer and music alone. That may well be but if you can't deliver coffee in under 15 minutes on a sunday morning you just shouldn't be in business!!

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  1. Yeah, pretty much. It's a cool dive bar in a historic building with a laid back vibe and a decent beer list, but it's not a place to eat. A couple years ago I recall they tried to bring in a real chef who revamped the menu and the food was pretty edible for a bit, but then it slipped away -- all they kept was the high prices. Definitely a drinks-only place now. The quality of service depends heavily on who's working, but I wouldn't recommend a visit if you're in a big hurry.

    1. In the 7 years I lived a 5 minute stroll from The Dominion's door, I ate there once. That was enough. It's true that they get good entertainment there from time to time. I always recommend dining at the delightful Fusilli (oh how I miss living near Fusilli) across the street first then taking in the show.

      531 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5A1V1, CA

      1. They have some great Jazz/blues and good beer on tap. As for the food, well, they have some good beer on tap!

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          I ate lunch there once or twice, years ago, when the company I worked for had its office a block away from it. I recall having a pasta one time that had no flavour AFTER accepting the server's offer of grated Parmigiana cheese. The other time I had a salad that was watery from wet lettuce leaves that were rapidly going brown. The dressing was still bland after a heavy-handed salting. Blech. I found the service about as inspired as the food.

          1. re: 1sweetpea

            The Dominion had some frightening pastas posted on the outdoor chalkboard, Worse composition than Magic Oven.