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Aug 14, 2011 12:22 PM

Dairy in Atlantic City, now that Shalom Pita is Fleishig

Are there any other dairy places in AC? Ive heard rumors about a new one opening this summer?

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  1. bubbies bistro, 5204 ventnor ave, ventnor, nj,
    near the other kosher restaurants

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    1. Just read that the owners of the Jerusalem meat restaurant in Ventnor have opened a new dairy place next door, called "Aroma Bistro", at 6414 Ventnor Avenue. Phone number is 609-822-2266.
      If you try this place, or Bubbie's that was posted by yoly, please post a review when you get back.

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        Bubbie's is not really near the other kosher places, it's closer to the Casinos. I walked by Aroma on Shabbos and the windows were still blocked out, is it opened yet?

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          We just got back from AC, we went to Bubbies and it was amazing, the pizza was fresh and delicious, the place was clean and airy. we were very happy with it. we passed by aroma and they are indeed open for business, but we did not eat there

          1. re: bpdude

            we were in ac last week as well and ate in bubbies twice, everything is fresh and delicious and they want to be very helpful, the pizza only comes as a 12 inch pie, but they make it to order, most of the seating is outside and its very enjoyable.

        2. Bubbie's opened the week after July 4th. We had tuna panini and and eggplant parm sandwich, both of which were good. Friends ordered the pizza and said it was good. That week they had no special desserts.
          Aroma Cafe is owned by the same people who own Jerusalem restaurant, 2 doors down. Our family had brunch there twice on Labor Day weekend. Eggs and omelets were nicely made, homefries were delicious. The pizza was well received, fresh dough, not premade. The desserts are all made on the premises and are to die for, we had choc mousse cake and choc croissants. We were a large group so we were seated on the sidewalk as there is very little seating inside.

          1. anyone been to A/C lately? updates on the 3 restaurants? Going to be in A/C this week thanks to monday's Cyber sale