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Aug 14, 2011 12:14 PM

Coconut Creme Pie - suggestions on where to find a decent one!

My wife (for some reason) loves the Coconut Creme Pie over at True Confections.

It's been awhile since i've been to TC - but the last time I was there I noticed that prices went up considerably (or i'm getting real old). Quality was decent, maybe not spectacular though.

I've been way out of the loop re: dessert/cake places or offerings.


Any suggestions on where to find coconut creme pie around Vancouver nowadays?

or any kind of coconut variant pie/cake/dessert?

I called Sweet Obsession and they make a Coconut Chiffon cake which sounds good. Anything else?



True Confections
866 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G2L8, CA

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  1. The Teahouse in Stanley park has a coconut cake on their summer menu, I believe.
    I think A La Mode in Granville Island makes a coconut cream pie. I haven't tried it myself though.
    I absolutely love the coconut cream pie at Seattle's Dahlia Lounge, if you get down that way.

    Edited to add: If you haven't tried it yet, check out Udder Guys' Roasted Coconut Ice Cream. Capers/Whole foods, Greens Market and a bunch of other places carry it.

    A La Mode
    1689 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H3R9, CA

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        I love pairing it with fresh blueberries, or a scoop of the also unbelievable Udder Guys Wild Blackberry. Oh so good!

      2. re: kinnickinnik

        Thanks for the ice cream suggestion!

        As for Seattle ... i'll have to pocket that one for next time when I hit Seattle for a Huskies game.

      3. Savory Island Pie Company in West Van might have one. I know their lemon chiffon is incredible !

        1. I don't count coconut as a favourite for dessert (now in savoury preps...) but I did notice that T Room Bakery had a mighty fine looking cake with fluffy topping and coconut, possibly chiffon? I know, not a pie, but might be worth a few thousand calories, especially if it is as good as the other items I've tried from here, including a delightful panini (or should that be panino?) with goat cheese and carmamelized pears.

          FWIW it's a really nice store with a lovely garden out back where you can lunch al fresco (haven't done this yet, only takeaway so far). There are tables indoors as well but it's a bit stuffy in there on warm days.

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            I'll file that sucker for next time, thanks.

            Well, we had a fun (for me anyways, lol) picnic at Spanish Banks this evening with the Fried Chicken Picnic from ReFuel. The Polderside fried chicken was very nice, the jalapeno biscuit was really good too! Watermelon is watermelon and the arugula salad is arugula salad, club soda is club soda.

            We then hit True Confections to grab some Coconut Creme Pie which was consistent from memory and tasty. The main thing is that the wife loved it. I'm easy to please when it comes to desserts (or food, for that matter).

            We managed to see some clued out dude - as we're pulling into the parking lot - on the other side of the street, get into an accident and almost looked like he was going to take off. Stupid is as stupid does I guess.

            I also dropped by Sweet Obsession on 16th to try that Coconut Chiffon cake and it was nice ... you could taste that delicate roasted coconut although my wife didn't think it was that big of a deal. Then again, she could barely taste the Jalapeno in the biscuit ... hello! Fried taste buds? Maybe.

            Oh yeah, anyone notice that 25 cent riding pony outside of Choices on 16th? Talk about the best 25 cents you've ever spent to entertain a kid. He was almost like "okay, get me offa this thing ... it's going too long"

            All in all a good day - apart from my kid running around like a crazed-demon-seed-on-meth around the beach kicking up sand everywhere. That goes with the territory. Thanks for reading :)

            True Confections
            3701W Broadway W, Vancouver, BC V6R2B9, CA