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Aug 14, 2011 11:50 AM

Violet Extract or Violet Liquer

Are there any places in Calgary that sell violet extract or violet liquer?

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  1. I have never seen it. I am actually making my own by picking violets and steeping in alcohol. They have been in it since spring and I haven't had time to check the flavour. Perhaps I will do that tonight.

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      OooH please let us know how it is! i have a big patch growing in my yard and it would be neat to use them this way

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        Oh, I know this is only almost a year later! But I get so busy in the summer with selling at the Farmers' Market. I did finally open my violet liquore. It has a lovely floral aroma but I have still not used any. One tip, pull out the petals and discard the green piece that holds them together. The green makes the liquore bitter.

    2. The liquor board site doesn't show any violet liquors being sold in alberta...

      1. Parfait d'Amour is a type of violet liquor. I believe it has an orange base but violet overtones. Not totally sure because I tasted it mixed in a cocktail at Ox and Angela. The bartender said it was violet flavored liqueur. I didn't taste is straight. It did have a beautiful purple hue which sat nicely at the bottom of the glass. I am going to pick up a bottle. 13 liquor stores in Calgary stock it. Check liquorconnect for the store closest to you.

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          Wikipedia suggests that there are different flavour profiles depending on the distiller.
          Marie Blizard is "a curaƧao base, flavoured with rose petals, vanilla and almonds".

          Giffard Violette Liqueur is listed on llquorconnect but only at Bin 905