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Aug 14, 2011 10:43 AM

ISO great espresso in Detroit (dtw)

Yea, so I've tried caribou, goldfish tea, and bean and leaf....none of them know how to properly pull a shot of real espresso. Bean and leaf was probably the worst offender, with the barista giving me a double espresso in a cappuccino glass. None of them had the thickness of a properly pulled shot, nor the required crema. I'm not asking for a seattle-level espresso, just a reasonably good pulled shot. I mean if they have a semi-automatic machine with a good grinder, its not too much to ask for right?

1. fill to top and level off
2. tamp (i think this is where most places do not put enough pressure on the grinds...bc things come out WAAAAY too soupy)
3. pull (approx 30 seconds)
4. enjoy.

so if its close to d/t royal oak, it'd be very helpful...if not, i'll see if i can properly teach the guy at bean and leaf to do it, because i don't think the aspirations of caribou are very high...

on the plus side, there's pretty good vietnamese coffee if i am willing to drive 5 miles for it....

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  1. Oh, this is a good question. I will be very interested in the replies as well.

    1. Haven't been, but friends swear by this place:

      Very short drive from RO.

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      1. re: Jim M

        do they pull their own? or do they just roast?

        1. re: gan911

          Pretty sure you can drink one there—look at the list of places where it's served, and they list themselves. Call ahead.

        2. re: Jim M

          Holy crap, this place is for real....
          correctly pulled shots of espresso with fresh beans...baristas that know the craft...cuppings at nights?! found my go to spot for coffee/espresso.
          parking might be a bitch if this place is busy though...and its in the middle of a rather industrial area, so not really walkable...

            1. re: gan911

              What do you mean by industrial area? Where are you getting your expresso??

              1. re: gan911

                Where is this industrial area?

                1. re: schaf1

                  well, warehouses and stuff....i'd assume a top notch coffee roaster/espresso bar would be in downtown ferndale, within walking distance of everything else, but this is east of it...where there's nothing but nondescript buildings.

                  I don't foresee a taste off because there's no contest right now. Maybe commonwealth will give this place a run for its money, but I highly doubt anything in R/O will....

                  1. re: gan911

                    It's definitely not a pretty area of Ferndale, more like the continuation of Hazel Park.

                  2. re: schaf1

                    It's a shame the internet has no map functions. Chazzano® Coffee Roasters
                    1737 East 9 Mile Road Ferndale MI.

                  3. re: gan911

                    Glad you liked it! My friend goes there frequently. I'll hit it next time I'm in Fashionable Ferndale.

                2. Definitely try Commonwealth in Birmingham!

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                  1. This is late in the game and not exactly close to Royal Oak, but Comet in downtown Ann Arbor located in Nickels arcade is one of the best in the area including out your way. I should know because I've tried just about every single coffee shop in SE Michigan lol :)!!! I worked for a few years as a heavily trained barista and NO ONE knows how to do it correctly!!! Ok, I may have exaggerated on that last part a smidge. There are a few people I'm sure, but Comet is really one of my favorite places, even though I'm from Northville. Also, if you are ever in the Chicago area, Intelligentsia is amazing!!! Ok, not close at all, but I had to plug it!

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                    1. re: shadyangel

                      i've had intelligentsia in LA, definitely good stuff. Seattle's vivance is better though

                      1. May be a little far of a drive for you, but I really like Espresso Elevado in Plymouth. They roast all beans in house and have a nice rotating selection of not so common beans. I usually stop in once a week or so and have been happy with everything I have ordered from here.

                        Downsides - not much seating (nor very comfortable seats), small selection of coffee type snacks, owner isn't super friendly nor is she mean - just seems uninterested sometimes - rest of staff is awesome - talkative, friendly, interested in talking about coffee, etc..