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Aug 14, 2011 10:12 AM

Fabulous Time with Vino Roma!

It's no accident that Hande Kutlar Leimer's Vino Roma wine tastings land near the top of exciting things to do in Rome. Who wouldn't want to do wine tasting in the Eternal City. But Hande makes her Vino Roma wine tasting event a not-to-be-missed major Roman attraction. Her warm and human personal touch and delicious wine presentations render the event unforgettable. After demanding hours of touring Rome, nothing is better than arriving da Vino Roma for a wonderfully refreshing and relaxing wine tasting. Hande's reception with open arms, her wit, intelligence, sophistication and superior wine knowledge make for a sensational relaxing and stimulating multicultural oenophile delight. I am an experienced wine aficionado, but Hande opened my eyes with her invaluable insights and experience. Hande's generous six different wine offerings, 3 white and 3 red, helped fulfill a life long dream of becoming more familiar with Italian wines. Her presentation of wines from Sicily and Etna showcasing their enticing minerality and her recommendation of Anglianico del Vulture from Basilicata were especially illuminating helping me discover new favorite wines. Thank You, Hande, memories of your beautiful wine knowledge and generosity will last a lifetime. Thank you for all your fabulous dining tips as well. Thank You for arranging restaurant reservations for us, for calling taxis, giving directions. You are so lovingly generous and so full of revelations. What better location for your fabulous revelations than your beautiful venue Lungotevere in Roma and what could be more fun than having Hande's Vino Roma share her wines with us. We had a marvelous time!...tenortom

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  1. oh, I am blushing. Thank you so much for the nice words, tenortom, I tried to do my best, as always. And now I am going to bug you and ask you to please please please write about the restaurants you visited - I know you went through the who is who of Rome's restaurant scene, your account of these will be invaluable to many.

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      OMG! Now I'm really looking forward to my vinoroma class on September 15!

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        My restaurant reviews are taking a bit of time to hatch out, Hande, but I promise soon!

      2. Benanti's Serra della Contessa (2005) divine Etna Rosso which we sipped with dinner last night. Thank You, Hande of Vino Roma for introducing this delicious wine to us at your wine tasting in Roma. It was my favorite wine and I was delighted to find it at K&L in Redwood City yesterday. Just love the superb taste of minerality from the Etna ash!

        1. Here is Vino Roma's link for outstanding wine tasting in Rome:

          1. I'll cin-cin to that...bravissima! ;)

            (Had a chance to enjoy a tasting with Hande in my pre-sommelier days -- it was just delightful, and so informative. I'd do it again...)