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Aug 14, 2011 10:12 AM

in brussels for 10 hours

will be spending 10 days in paris but taking a 1 day break in brussels--first time.

would love any and all suggestions for places to visit and places to eat. nothing fancy, good

authentic mussels and fries are fine for lunch and another simple one for dinner.

if there are 'must see' places around the city, suggest away. we will be blowing our food

euros in paris.

Thanks so much.


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  1. You will probably go see the Mannekin Pis... everyone does. There's a little waffle shop right across the street from it, and we loved the price and taste there. The hop on/hop off bus is a great way to spend 2 hours and really get to see what Brussels looks like. There are lots of restaurants at the Grand Place, although we ate elsewhere so I don't have a specific name. There are also some very good spots at the Place du Grand Sablon, which also houses the best chocolate shops and a Dandoy biscuit(cookie) shop. They are incredible!!

    There are also some very nice, low-key restaurants near the Louise Metro stop - look at the side streets. I must warn you that Brussels prices are beyond expensive. :-)

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      If you stick to Grand Place and Louise, Brussels can be expensive but still probably cheaper than Paris.
      Lunch is best value - e.g., Chez Marie near Place Flagey does a fixed lunch for +/-17 euros which is not bad for a michelin starred place (but a la carte will ramp up the price).
      For authentic moules frites, try either Bon Humeur or Friture Rene - the city is compact and both of these are a short hop on the metro.

      1. re: kerriar

        Thank you so much. We made a res. at Aux Armes de Bruxelles for dinner but we are still open and can change if we find something better. We will go to Grand Place and are in the market for some great chocolates. Mobility is a bit of an issue so we'll be using cabs or the hop on/off bus to see the sites. Any more suggestions are welcome.

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          I totally agree, even if too late for the original poster. You cannot go wrong with lunch at Chez Marie. Around the corner from there, in rue Lesbroussart, there is a bunch of nice restaurants. I can recommend e-g. Chez Oki ou Neptune. One of my all time favourites is Le Coin des Artistes in rue Scarron (also around the corner from Flagey). Best magret de canard in town.

          And a general remark: Avoid the "oh so lovely little belgian fish restaurants around the corner from Grand Place" aka Rue des Bouchers. They are tourist traps, and nothing else and locals do not eat there. The only one of them which is ok (but not more) is Chez Leon. You can get better food elsewhere, for a decent fish restaurant in the centre try Vimar at Ste.Catherine. A cute and cheap little place for cuisine du terroir is la Domaine de Lintillac in rue de Flandres

          In my humble opinion you have a better quality-price-ratio in Brussels than in Paris. You just have to know where to eat...

        2. re: zuriga1

          Thanks so much. I forget there's a hop on/off bus in most cities. Will do that for sure.
          We have res. at Aux Armes de Bruxelles for dinner. I heard they had a good mussel selection. The waffles sound great for lunch.