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Aug 14, 2011 09:35 AM

Vegetarians: Why?

What made you choose your diet?

Tell me about your journey to being meatless.

I think my body and mind are pushing me to give up meat. Just woke up one morning and the thought of eating another animal squicked me out. A few days later I tried to force myself to eat some and ended up sick all night. Still not sure if it's permentant or a phase. Only time will tell but it was been 2ish weeks!

Just curious about others!

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  1. I gave up meat in college for environmental reasons, read Diet for a New America and didn't want to support the wasteful, polluting feedlot system. Plus a bit of sympathy for the animals, but mostly my concern was the energy & resources that go into producing meat. 10 years later, got really tired of being limited. Now there are so many options for local, organic, sustainable that weren't around in 1990, I don't know if I would have gone veg if those options were available then. Now I eat whatever i think may be delicious, more sustainable fish and very little beef. The environment is still a concern, and I never like beef much anyway. I like to travel and for me being willing and able to try most things is a huge part of that experience, I feel like I would miss out on so much flavor and culture if I was still veg.

    Eat what you like and what makes you feel good. I think some people get way too extreme about it. Yeah, when I was 22 I'd get all freaked out about if there was chicken stock in something, but I learned to get over it. Life is too short to be so high maintenance. Chickens are always going to lay eggs, bees are always going to make honey, and if you know how to cook and use an animal efficiently, you'll get more out of it. But you don't have to eat meat if you don't want to, and you also don't have to beat yourself up if you go veg then slip and have a slice of pepperoni pizza, or just really get a craving for bacon or smoked salmon or whatever. No reason to force yourself to eat things, just eat a variety of real foods, eat what you like, and you'll be fine.

    1. My parents are vegetarian, so I was bought up vegetarian and have never eaten meat. I consider myself to be a very healthy 30 year old (touch wood)- only minor colds, fit, agile, healthy weight etc so I've never seen the nutritional need to eat meat.

      I do find it increasingly restrictive. I really hate eating out, unless it's somewhere where I know I can get decent choices. I'm not going to let my dietary restrictions dictate where a whole group of my friends are going to eat, so I am used to having the one deathly dull and unimaginative vegetarian option on the menu.

      It's a good mark of a chef BTW - if they can't be arsed to come up with a decent, innovative vegetarian option, what else can't they be arsed with?

      1. Some people do it for religious reasons, some for moral/ethical reasons, and others do it for dietary reasons. Then there are those -- like you -- who seem to do it simply because they either prefer vegetables to meat, or really don't like meat much at all.

        Whatever the reason, as long as you are comfortable in your dietary choices -- both from a personal and health perspective -- stay true to your course.

        Eat and let eat.

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          1. I'm not a vegetarian. I'd eat fish or seafood every night of the week if I could afford to.

            But meat? It just grosses me out to touch meat. I prefer to make things that don't require touching meat. I'm much more inclined to use ground turkey in chili, say, than cut up a chuck roast. I make Bolognese from ground beef and pork. Except for flank, I don't think I've made steak in my entire life.

            Every now and then I'll make meat loaf or meatballs, but really, that's a very rare occasion. I never tire of eating pasta, vegetables, cheese, and fish, so besides chili or Bolognese, I really don't eat much meat.