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Aug 14, 2011 08:33 AM

Pot Buoy Pub & Grille, Boothbay Harbor

This seems like a new place that replaces 93 Townsend.

Has anyone tried it?

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  1. Harry - Did you try it? I could sense that 93 Townsend was on the way out last year. I hope this is an improvement.


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    1. re: kmhayes

      Not yet, but I'm in Boothbay now, so it may happen. I think they have a happy hour with half-priced drinks. I did stop by on the way to the Thistle House Inn and skim the menu outside of the restaurant - nothing stood out. This does not appear to be fine dining, not that that is a bad thing.

      We have had several excellent meals at our old standbys. And we have yet to revisit McSeagulls and Boathouse Bistro.

      Report to follow.

      Good to hear from you again Kevin.

      Gulf Dock, Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538