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Aug 14, 2011 07:37 AM

Brewster Green all you can eat lobster or lobster pound near by

Heading to GB in a couple weeks. First timer!
Would love an all you can eat lobster spot or a pound.
Staying at BG timeshare so could pick up lobster to bbq too. any suggestions where we can get them the cheapest? Last year in Maine there were placses for $4.50/pound.

Also want suggestions on restaurants for seafood served on peirs or patios over the ocean!!

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  1. there is no all u can eat lobster on the Cape that I know of but Chatham Farmers Market has 8 dollar 1.5 lobsters sometimes...Tue. 3-6 PM x from Pisces Restaurant in S. Chatham. I am sure folks here will say the cheapest would be at Stop n Shop.

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      Last summer, Russ and Maries Marconi Beach Restaurant on RT 6 in Wellfleet had all you can eat lobster and steamers for $59.00. Don't know if they are doing it again this may want to check it out though.

      Marconi Beach Restaurant
      545 State Hwy Rte 6, Wellfleet, MA 02667

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        Thanks for all the ideas! I'll check them out.
        We know a great place in Wells Maine we used to go to when we went to Kennebunkport....It was one of our best memories! As you can tell from my name, we're into lobster!!!

    2. Market Basket Off Cape usually is cheapest. They've been as low as $3.99 pound this year. I'm seeing alot of soft shelled lobster at $6.99 or $7.99 in many fish markets, and occassionally at Stop and Shop, or more often at Shaw's Supermarkets. Prices can be up to $9.99 at the fish markets as well. Farmers Markets are a good recommendation also, but I've never seen them as cheap as Phelana, but I've never been to the one in Chatham either. Ocean front dining is very hit or miss on the Cape, with decidedly few great places. On the high end is Ocean House and 28 Atlantic. Both top choices. Seafood in the rough type places are the Sesuit Cafe in Dennis, and the Clam Shack in Falmouth. Waits can be up to 2 hours at Sesuit if you are here peak season weekend, so be forewarned. If you stick to very basic chow like broiled scallops or fish, you can often be satisfied with the mediocre places like Brax Landing in Harwich, The Skipper in Yarmouth, or Matakeese Wharf in Barntable Harbor. Heading down cape to Welfleet and PTown and the choices get much better for good eats on the water. Search the board and you'll find many excellent recs. Pearl and the Bookstore are often recommended in Welfleet. Fanizzis, Ross' Grille, and the Red Inn in Ptown, amongst others.