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Drinks, Dinner and a Movie...Perfect Pairings.

What would be the perfect combination for you today? Real or imagined...

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  1. Pineapple Wine, Roasted Peacock with wild vegetables, Coconut Panna Cotta, and the movie "Six Days Seven Nights".

    1. Some nice littlenecks, surf and turf, seaweed salad (or grilled kale), gin and tonics, Jaws.

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      1. Fried chicken, fried okra, chocolate pie, iced tea. "The Help"

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          I haven't seen the movie...but the book cries for that dinner!

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            Chocolate pie has always been my very favorite but I haven't had it since reading the book a few months ago. I am afraid that it may be a while before I can eat it with the same pleasure I used to!

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              LOL - I am with you. I'll bring the peach cobbler.....

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                I will never be able to think of chocolate pie, in the same way, again. As a dessert, it will probably go out of fashion for a decade or two...!

            2. Drinks- A vintage champagne.

              Dinner - Venison Medallions with Red Wine Plum Sauce
              and Red Cabbage & Spätzle

              Movie- The Blue Max

              1. Mrs CHM and I just did this last night.

                Bad Mexican Restaurant
                Really bad beef nachos and not so great margaritas
                Cowboys and Aliens

                But a good time out.

                1. A martini with olive brine
                  Poached salmon with seaweed salad
                  Pineapple upside down cake for dessert
                  The Poseidon Adventure

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                    Excellent; love it, especially the cake part...and the brilliant olive brine. A FILTHY marty, you could call that; one step beyond just plain dirty.

                  2. A few stiff juleps (in the proper cup, of course) made w/ most excellent bourbon, a full-on fried chicken/mashed/stringbeans or other greens/gravy/biscuits dinner, "Soul Food." Or (I'm reaching, this one might strike people as nasty) choco-tinis, a delicious chicken or pork mole, lava cakes, and "Chocolat." Or hey! Ouzo to start, grilled lemon/oregano leg of lamb, orzo salad, spanakopita or tyropita, and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."

                    1. Chinese food (purchased with the last of the petty cash), a really big Twinkie, shots out of a flask, and Ghostbusters.

                      Some dry white toast with nothing on it, four whole fried chickens, a Coke, water glasses filled with wine, and The Blues Brothers.

                      Big Kahuna Burgers (that's that new Hawaiian burger joint), a tasty Sprite, a five-dollar milkshake, and Pulp Fiction.

                      Damn good coffee, cherry pie, an assortment of donuts, and the Twin Peaks series (better as breakfast or dessert than dinner).

                      A plate of shrimp and Repo Man.

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                      1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                        I just had my Birthday at our teeny tiny theater...

                        Champagne...(lots of medium quality...volume was issue)

                        Homemade Triple Vanilla Cake...it was so pretty with fresh roses and nastrutium leaves

                        BIg bowls of popcorn and candy

                        and Dirty Dancing

                        Champers buzz, sugar rush, and naughty tingles! A perfect night!

                      2. White Russians and The Big Lebowski. No food required.

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                        1. Elderberry wine, hors d'oeuvres (no dinner required) --

                          Arsenic and Old Lace

                          1. Terrific thread idea!

                            First thing that popped into my head is the following:

                            Meal: pecan-grilled NY strip, medium rare, surmounted with a thyme-lemon compound butter; burgundy-broiled portabellas; baked potato with butter and sour cream; NY cheesecake for dessert

                            Drinks: Rosenblum Zinfandel, Wyborowa Vodka martinis with roquefort-stuffed spiced green olives

                            Movie: On Her Majesty's Secret Service

                            1. Coca-cola spiked with Southern Comfort, creole jambalaya, and A Streetcar Named Desire.

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                              1. re: MrsBridges

                                For that movie, you really need Stella Artois beer.

                                "Stella! Stella!"

                              2. We have been having theme dinners. No drinks because my group doesn't care that much honestly.

                                Silence of the Lambs- Lamb stew, succotash (closest they would get to fava beans).

                                Sound of Music-schnitzel, spaetzel, fondue, German chocolate cake

                                Thoroughly Modern Millie- general tso's chicken, fried rice, peach cake with raspberries

                                1. Blue Jasmine with Stoli martinis and fresh (not bad) clams.
                                  ETA: in San Francisco -so beautiful!

                                  1. Spring water, rabbit stew, and Jean de Florette and Manon of the Spring. Poor Jean, he tried so hard to make a go of it.

                                    1. Take out Chinese food, cream soda extra fizzy aside a root beer and Good Will Hunting, I'm in the mood for comfort.