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Aug 13, 2011 10:37 PM

Season of Fall: Describe your Forthcoming Bounty [Moved from General Topics]

The season of Fall is right around the corner. The way I get myself over the loss of something (in this case, the immaculate season of Summer) is to consider what I am looking forward to next...

Therefore: what FALL-BASED dish, food-item, beverage, product, etc. are you most looking forward to? And which one is your absolute #1 for Fall?

Some starters--
-deep coffee (obviously I drink it in the summer, but when the air is brisk, it is even better)
-soups (including chicken noodle and matzah ball soup)
-pumpkins for carving (I wish I liked the taste)
-caramel corn
...#1=extra mushy, with big cubes of bread, non-meat stuffing

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  1. Beer-braised beef, roasted butternut squash, maple cookies, soups, and chicken cacciatore.

      1. If I can only get my hands on some matsutake mushrooms...

        1. Without a doubt, Fall for me means green chile season! The smell of them roasting, then peeling them with family and freezing for use through the long winter. A cold beer, a big pot of pork green chile simmering in the kitchen, filling the house with the aroma of love and the first football games of the season in the background. That just screams Autumn to me.