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Oktoberfest appetizer ideas?

I know it is early to be thinking about this but I am having an Oktoberfest appetizer party and want to have plenty of fall-type foods that will make the cut for this shin-dig. Any appetizer ideas beyond the brats in beer and soft pretzels? Looking for foods that will be easy to eat/handle. Thanks!

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  1. Shredded pork tarts with cranberry glaze. Mini Spicy Pumpkin Quiches. Good toasted rounds of bread with good german cheese.

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      Sounds insane! Do you have any recipes for the above mentioned items?

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        Sorry Saca,

        they are kinda feel your way thru them for me. I'm a risk taker.

        A good pork shouldler seared off, and then cooked like pot roast with mustard, fennel seed and apple juice until it shreds. Moisten with jus. Mound it on a tartlet shell..home made or store bought..then drizzle either home made cranberry glaze or thin down some store bought jelly. Bake until bubbles. ? Sorry I know that is vague.

        Same with the Pumpkin Quiche. Think mini pumpkin pies but more savoury. A pinch of cayanne, or chilis...Also maybe BACON!

        Try all recipes 2 weeks before you party! Feed all your close friends with them until they are sick of it....then they'll leave the perfect recipes for other guests!

        party secret #12,397

    2. Kebabs? I remember having great Turkish street food in Munich.

        1. Mini savory strudels (use puff pastry) with kraut, sausage, cheese, onions.

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          1. Currywurst with toothpicks would work. Google it, It is Germany's #1 fast food with a cult-like following.

            1. Small potato pancakes served with sour cream & applesauce. They were a big item at a German restaurant I worked at for several years.

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                Oh...I love those. Totally forgot about them. They're great. Plus they could hold many other savoury or sweet tastes. A little sour cream and caviar is NEVER remiss...LOL

              2. Well, if you want to stay with the Bavarian theme (currywurst is a decidedly Prussian invention), how about:

                - obatzda
                - pork paté
                - schmaltz brot
                - radishes with salt

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                  Nice. How do you KNOW all this stuff, linguafood? :)

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                    Daikon radishes cut in a single paper thin long spiral.
                    Leberkase with mild mustard.
                    Gyros. I know it originated in Istanbul, but it is ubiquitous at every fest in Bavaria.
                    Pommes frits with mayo
                    German Red Cross split pea soup. Sliced sausage costs extra.

                    In order to be true to the original, your liter (mass) steins should be 2 thirds beer and one third suds.

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                    Nuts. I thought I was going to get to mention Obatzda and Griebenschmaltz: the perfect combination of fall apples and pork fat. If I'm going to have to be original here, I might think of things like puff pastry-wrapped sausages with assorted mustards and curry sauce (or just imagine how good they could be wrapped in pretzel dough); new potatoes fried in goose fat and served with dipping salts; mini pork cordon bleu on toothpicks; pan-fried leberkase on open face pumpernickel; turnovers filled with Kassler Rippchen and sauerkraut; cervelat and cheese on crackers; Schinken with apples. If you like pickled herring, that opens up even more canapes.

                  3. http://www.grouprecipes.com/82995/smo...

                    I am German and we use to eat a casserole kind of like this one

                    here is a cute appetizer http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

                    Reuben sandwiches are always good too.

                    1. cucumber salad
                      Spaeztle with cheese
                      Wurst platter with cheese cubes
                      Wurst salat