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best weekend cheap food in the valley

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On the one hand, there's Providence with its devine $65 a plate truffle risotto.

When I'm going a little downscale, I like to try cheap food in the Valley. One new find this weekend is a new restaurant, Pupuseria del Valle at 431 S. Victory Blvd., in Burbank. The owners (a brother and sister) have only been in operation a few months, but grew up with a restaurant background from El Salvador. If you like a good pupusa -- it is definately the way to go. Light, but delicious, and only a buck seventy-five.

Also good this weekend was Pad Thai, and more at Krua Thai at 13130 Sherman Way in Noho. Dinner for two was about 6 bucks. Can't beat it.

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    Jessica! You've stolen my thunder! I was about to suggest to all chowhounds and foodies that they try this little pupuseria whenever they are in the mood for some authentic Salvadorian Food. The prices are great and the grub is awesome!

    Pupuseria Del Valle
    431 S. Victory Blvd.
    Open 7 days

    I've been here seven times in ten days and I can't get enough of this place!

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      You know, I *just* passed that on the way to work and thought, "Hey, I should try that, it's close by!"

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        Could you please advise of the cross street? Thank you.

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        Jessica you've stolen my thunder! I was about to suggest to all chowhounds and foodies that they try this small place if they're in the mood for some authentic Salvadorean grub. This place has inexpensive but tasty selections. I've been to the place seven times in the last two weeks and I can't seem to get enough of their food!

        Pupuseria Del Valle
        431 S. Victory Blvd.
        Open seven days, street parking only.

        1. The Wat Thai for weekend lunches.
          Skaf's Grill for Saturday lunch or dinner Lebanese.
          Las Quenas or El Hatuchay for Peruvian.
          Pho 999 for Vietnamese.
          Carnitas Michoacán (Coldwater/Victory) for Mexican.
          Manila Good-Ha for Filipino, esp. breakfasts.
          Ohana BBQ (Studio City) for Hawaiian.
          Daichan for homestyle Japanese.
          Philadelphia Sandwiches for cheesesteaks.
          IKEA for meatballs (yes, I know, but they're so tasty!).
          El Criollo (Victory/Fulton) for Cuban -- not dirt cheap but not bad
          Super Pollo (Van Nuys Blvd) for Peruvian roast chicken.
          Top Falafel (6424¼ Coldwater Cyn, behind BK) for falafel sandwiches.

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            D.U. -- If you recommend the Carnitas Michaocan up at Coldwater and Victory, what do you think of the one above Chinatown and below Lincoln Heights on No. Broadway and 19th? Their al pastor is on a rotisserie and their hot sauce is made their.

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              I've been to both of those Carnitas Michaocan locations, and while the one on Victory is good, albeit inconsistent, the one on Broadway is better. The hot sauce is similar, but I think a little hotter and smokier on Broadway. Both could use better housekeeping in the dining area.

              Also, Que Ricos, across the street from Carnitas Michaocan on Victory, has the greatest asada wet burrito known to man, if the proper crew is working. Whenever we go Sunday afternoon, it is stellar.

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                ...but that's the only thing worth eating at Que Ricos.

                I've never been to Lincoln Heights, so I can't compare the two. "Carnitas Michoacan" is a really, really common name for a carnitas restaurant, so it could be that they're completely unrelated. Just a mile away from the V.G. location is a "Carnitas Michoacanas" which is unrelated.

          2. have you ever been to Carnival in studio city? it's probably the best lebanese food in the valley, and unbelievably cheap. the portions are huge so it's best to go with someone else and share. It's on woodman just north of ventura.

            1. Swan for Thai -- They have a $2.50 per plate tasting menu, and everything on it is great. Not as cheap as Wat Thai, but it's a little chilly out this weekend...

              In the battle of the Van Nuys & Victory Vietnamese places, I prefer Pho So to Pho 999 -- their ingredients always taste fresher to me, their Pho has more depth, and their thin crepes are always soft (not crusty along the edges like they've been stored improperly).

              Sandwich Express on Sherman Way for Banh Mi.

              I like the non-ramen dishes at Koraku (new Sherman Oaks branch of the Little Tokyo restaurant).

              Socorro's on Victory for thick tasty handmade tortillas.

              Uncle Andre's on Moorpark for BBQ & fried chicken; don't know if they're open Sundays though.

              Peruvian: Nazca on Victory and El Hatuchay on Sherman Way.

              Won's Coffee Shop on Gilmore & Van Nuys - Chinese + coffee shop - closed Sunday.

              Also, I can't find the name so please post if you know it, but there's a small non-BBQ Korean restaurant in the same complex as the Greenland Market on Sherman Way. Good spicy noodles!

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                Completely concur on the Pho So 1 (means "Pho Number 1") over Pho 999 and Swan Thai...don't like Uncle Andre's (not barbecue, it's steamed), and like Las Quenas better than El Hatuchay.

                I love the Valley for its cheap food.

                Super Pollo on Van Nuys and Hamlin is the place for rotiserrie chicken (just ignore the zillions of ads for "salchipapas", french fries with sausage -- ewwwwwwwww.)

              2. Pho So 1 also has some of the best ca phe sua da around, served in the traditional coffee filter, so you know it came from fresh grounds, as opposed to a cappucino mix.

                1. Here are my Valley cheap eats reco's:

                  Panos Grill - Victory/Woodley for $6.35 you can have the best Gyro of your life with an overflowing bowl of incredible golden, crisp fries, and a soda. The cucumber sauce is fantastic.

                  Kyoto Sushi - Van Nuys, one block north of Ventura Blvd. Lunch on Saturday and Sunday for $16.95, all you can eat, fresh fish, tons of appetizers, excellent sushi, great special rolls.

                  Pita Kitchen - Everything is good, I like the beef kabob plate that comes with two sides...tasty marinated filet mignon, good babaganoush, second pick is usually greek salad full of delicious feta. Ask for a plate of pickles to go with it. Yum. With a drink you're under $10. Van Nuys Blvd, one block south of Ventura Bl.

                  Wons Coffee Shop: Mentioned by other posters already, but really good coffee. Stick with the chinese food. I love the beef and broccoli here, and always have them add black mushrooms which is just the BOMB. The gravy is succulent and very tasty.

                  Weiner Factory: Love the chili dogs and kraut dogs, the chedder that they put on the chili dogs is really good, and I love the special grate pattern, melts just right and in abundance. Be prepared for messy fingers. Craving one now. Ventura Blvd, one block west of kester.

                  Tacos Kenia: Sepulveda, south of Saticoy. Go for the Caldo de Pollo, best in the Valley. Huge bowl brimming with tasty veggies,tons of chicken, rich broth, homemade tortillas and a very different orangy salsa which is unusually good. With a drink you're out of there for $7. Very nice family run joint.

                  Ameci Pizza: Sherman Way, one block east of the 405. I know , I know you say it's a chain, but they have a great lunch deal at this place, like 25 choices of pastas, sandwiches etc with a really, really good, fresh salad bar, get a drink and you're at $7.

                  Gourmet on the Go: Sepulveda one block southeast of Magnolia, Incredible pizza, really good salads. Get the Magic Mushroom OMG, amazing.

                  MOM's Barbeque House: Love her beef ribs and mac and cheese, 14062 Vanowen in Van Nuys. Call your order in ahead, otherwise you're waiting forever. 4-5 large, meaty beef ribs, two sides for less than $10

                  Thai n I BBQ - Great dinner specials, known for their thai bbq, incredible spare ribs and chicken. Get the chicken/rib combo, with two sides for $10. Ventura Blvd, one block east of White Oak.