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Aug 13, 2011 09:14 PM

20 best dishes under $10 in the Tenderloin & Tendernob, SF

7x7SF has a great list on the 20 best dishes under $10 in the Tenderloin & Tendernob. Lots of new to me places I hadn't read about on CH. Any other dishes hounds want to share?

List here:

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  1. Delaney's on Polk St., a hole in the wall cafe, makes a passable salteña (Bolivian -- La Paz specifically -- variation of an empañada) for $3.50. you mentioned the five spice chicken from Cordon Rouge recently ; that should qualify for the list too.

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    1. Shalimar has several dishes under 10$ I recommend the karahi and some grilled chicken dishes.

      1. There's a dish I had at Pakwan once that continues to haunt me. I think it was a goat or lamb curry special. Looking at the menu, it might have been the Achar Gosht. $8.99.

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          That's always a good choice; I think the lamb version is usually on the menu.

          Was it at Pakwan in the Tenderloin or on 16th?

        2. anyone visited Maharani? they have been all over various deal sites offering discounts but I have so far shied away due to a lot of criticism on Yelp.

          1. Stir-fried pork belly with crispy rind and basil at Lers Ros (Larkin btw Ellis and O'Farrell, soon to open an outpost in Hayes Valley), $9.95.