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Aug 13, 2011 07:21 PM

Best takeout food (all cuisines, all prices) near Culver City

I'm visiting a family member in Culver City in September and want to host a dinner for 4 where all the food is to go or which we pick up to take home. Sure, we like wings and BBQ. But, for this event, I want to consider ALL options, cuisines and price points.

Ay creative Chowhound suggestions for a great evening of delicious food?


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  1. i've had good experiences creating meals out of take-out food that i got from shamshiri grill in westwood.
    fwiw, i have always avoided the red-meat skewered dishes that my daughter so likes when we are dining in the restaurant because, imho, reheated red meat is yuck.
    do get some of their stews, the skewered poultry, their adas polo (which i have them make with brown rice), and their homemade flat bread which reheats beautifully in a toaster oven.

    for salads served buffet style, i've also had success with taking out some of the entree salads from 26 beach restaurant. also, for salads, the deli counter in the back of gelsons has some chopped salads that work well for serving at home.

    for ceviche, go to mariscos chente on west imperial highway near yukon on a day that sergio is cooking. i generally bring my own pyrex dish with lid for him to use because i don't have confidence in styrofoam "to-go" containers when it comes to this kind of liquid-containing dish.

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      Well, you certainly can't go far wrong with these restaurants (I don't know about Gelson's). In Culver City proper, I like Mayura for takeout (if you like Indian).

      10406 Venice Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

      1. re: sushigirlie

        two other indian option near that area are: samosa house (washington near berryman) and bawarchi (10408venice blvd)
        both of these restaurants are vegetarian indian, nonetheless, their food tastes good.
        samosa house, i know for sure, will let you have tastes of the food to help you make your decision. be sure to get some of their jackfruit if you end up there.

    2. I second SAMOSA HOUSE. So good.

      Also good for take-away is:
      TUB'S CHILI around the corner from Samosa House (it keeps well so it's still good by the time you get home)

      HONEY'S KETTLE CHICKEN (mmmm biscuits and chicken....


      XOTIK *just* does take away, and they're very good (but limited hours!)

      TENDER GREENS and GREEN PEAS are both good for take away (although at opposite ends of Culver City!


      Samosa House
      11510 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA

      1. I like Pitfire Pizza on Washington Blvd. Good artisan pizza's like their
        MERGUEZ SAUSAGE, SPINACH & FETA pizza with Huntington Lamb Merguez / Wilted Spinach Roasted Pepper Harissa / Feta / Red Onion

        and also Mendocino Farms for great sandwiches like their Heirloom TBL with
        Santa Monica Farmer’s Market heirloom tomatoes with creamy fine herbs spread, applewood smoked bacon, arugula, and basil pesto vinaigrette on buckwheat, located just outside Culver City in Marina Del Rey.

        Mendocino Farms
        4724 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292

        1. For Downtown Culver City, Mezza is a very good take out option. Also agree with all the recs given so far. A lot can be assembled from these various recs but it really comes down to how much your budget is, how many you're serving, and if reheating is an option.

          You mentioned BBQ - if you're looking for a party tray that very close to Culver City, you can try JNJ on West Adams, just east of the Culver City/LA border. It doubles as a burger shack and BBQ counter, and is the most authentic BBQ closest to Culver City.

          If you go as far as Venice, you also have Lemonade and Gjelina Take Away on Abbot Kinney - a straight shot west on Venice Blvd and hang a right. Lemonade excels at prepared salads - probably two dozen ready to go - but the staff there tends to confuse folks with their system. For your purposes, you'd probably be getting whole containers of salads, but they will assume that you want to mix and match several tasting portions of salads in one container for your own purposes. Just be firm and let them know that you are ordering for a party at home, and want one type of salad per container. Their stewed/braised dishes in the dutch ovens are very good as well. Again, explain that you are ordering portions for a party and don't want single portions.

          Gjelina Take Away is probably the best take out that I've had in the Westside of LA. They can get pricy, but for your purposes, you can order up mostly from their baked treats and salads. Their sandwiches are great but I don't know how well they will travel. Their tuna conserva will for sure. Skip the pizzas - they are excellent IMHO, but would be too small for your purposes, plus I don't know how well they would reheat. These pizzas are meant to be eaten once out of their wood-fired ovens. I usually grab a bunch of their food for breakfast on weekends, and food for six usually comes to around $70-90, which is very reasonable, but the lunch and supper menu items are higher.

          1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291