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What do you think of these picks in Florence?

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I'll have 4 nights in Florence in December and have narrowed my restaurant choices down to these. My friend and I are looking for trattoria-type casual atmosphere and local foods. Are we on the right track with these, or would you substitute someplace else? Lastly, at which restaurant would you order the bistecca?

I Due Fratellini
Trattoria Mario

Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco
Trattoria I due G
Cipolla Rossa

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Another question: If I have the bistecca at Cipolla Rossa, should I skip Sostanza and add Cammillo instead?

    Via della Porcellana, 25, 50123, Florence, Tuscany 50123, IT

    Cipolla Rossa
    Via de' Conti,53, Florence, Toscana 50123, IT

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      Camillo and Osteria di Cinghiale Bianco are venerable stops on the tourist trail. I mean, Camillo was a Gourmet Mag recommendation when I first hit Florence in 1979. the White Boar I would not recommend, our experience of it was of less than delicious food and two tier service.

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        We had bistecca at Cipolla Rosa earlier this month. I didn't think it was that good, but I also think great prime beef in the US is better than what I had anywhere in Italy. It might be better to get bistecca if you have an opportunity to be with a party of four or more, because they can cut the steak thicker. With two people the portion is smaller and it probably won't be as rare as you want inside.

        They also had a pork chop which others have said was good, but I found it dry. I thought the pasta and appetizer dishes we had there were very good though. There was another person at another table who ordered a thinly-sliced veal dish in garlic that looked very good.

        1. re: calumin

          I try not to get too crazy about searching for just the right restaurant, but. I sure do love good Italian food!

          Is the bistecca better at Sostanza, as others have suggested?

          Via della Porcellana, 25, 50123, Florence, Tuscany 50123, IT

      2. All good choices. But I would switch I Due Fratellini for Semel. Much more interesting and better sandwiches. It's near the San Ambrogio Market.
        For dinner I'd skip Cinghiale Bianco. It used to be good, but I haven't heard much about it lately. I would suggest Tripperia il Magazzino, in Piazza della Passera instead.
        And for your bistecca I would order it at Due G. In which case you might want to skip Sostanza?

        Via della Porcellana, 25, 50123, Florence, Tuscany 50123, IT

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        1. re: minchilli

          Thanks so much for your suggestions. I'll make those substitutions and will raise of glass of wine to all of you!

          1. re: minchilli

            Elizabeth, I can't find any mention of Semel. Googled it, TripAdvisor, etc. Does it go by another name?

            1. re: mommabear

              Tripadvisor isnt the place for stuff like this - it has hardly hit the english language community. tip, google using the italian name of the town (if different from English) and you will pull up more results.

              See link below for Semel info

              Semel Paninoteca
              Piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti, Florence, Toscana 50122, IT

              1. re: jen kalb

                Found it! Looks like the market is a good place to shop for foodie souvenirs. Thanks for your help.

                1. re: mommabear

                  I really like that market. It is very homey and accessable in comparison to the San Lorenzo market.

          2. Add me to the list of detractors for Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco. We went about 5 years ago and it was so-so. From what I hear it hasn't gotten much better.

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              OK, Cinghiale Bianco is definitely off my list. Thanks.