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Aug 13, 2011 05:52 PM

Frozen foods and/or prep'd dinners

Hi all,
Have some friends that just had a baby in DC and I'm wondering if anyone has a good suggestion for good quality frozen food (delivered) or prepped dinners that we can get for them as a gift. I've taken a look at Healthy Bites & Urban Tastes - honestly, Urban Tastes looked a little "boring" but Healthy Bites looks promising. However, I'd love to hear about any additional suggestions or options.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or even some out-of-the-box ideas if you have any for these dear friends of ours!

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  1. You might try Souper Girl. You have to pick up the soup at one of their locations. So I guess it depends on whether your friends live near one of these.

    1. y'know it's funny as DC used to have a bajillion services like this - prepared, not frozen obviously (back when the civil service wasn't permanent and Congress spent as much time away as possible and few brought their families along) and it certainly explains the microscopic kitchens in most homes. there just never was a tradition of home-cooking outside of the upper and under class residents.