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Aug 13, 2011 05:33 PM

Where to go for dungeness crab

I've spent some time reading recent threads of "where to eat" recommendations for Seattle (and have some great general ideas for restaurants based on those) but haven't seen any suggestions of THE place to go to eat fresh dungeness crab. Brother-in-law describes it as "ambrosial," better than Maine lobster or even our (Maryland native) beloved Chesapeake blue crabs. I have to try it! I'll be in Seattle in 2 weeks and would appreciate recommendations for best places to get fresh dungeness. I'll be staying in a hotel, so buying fresh and taking it home to cook is not an option. Thanks!!

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    1. There are many places you can go - some good places that will provide different kinds of experiences are:

      If you are here on August 24th (Wed) Blueacre is doing their annual Dungeness crab boil. For $50 you get two pounds of crab, a tomato salad, keiebasa, potatoes, corn and a peach cobbler. Reservations are required. If you are not here on that date they also have good crab on the menu daily- but it is spicy.

      In addition to Etta's which is mentioned in the thread posted below, right next door is another Tom Douglas place - Seatown, which has dungeness crab done well

      Another fun idea is Taylor Shellfish in the Melrose Market (just East of Downtown). The Market is a cool place to look around and although Taylor is mainly a take home market they also have a few tables in the place and will happily clean the fresh crab for you to eat there- they usually have oyster stew as well. It is a fun place just to munch or you could take it as a picnic.

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      1. I'd like to also add to OP's original question. Anyone know of any Vietnamese style garlic roasted Crab in the Seattle area? Similar to those of SF's Thanh Long/Crustacean, and or PPQ?

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          The An Family recipes are a protected secret...complete with a secret kitchen in each restaurant where the sauces are mixed. In fact, some 10 years ago, I thought they were coming out with a Secret Kitchen line of sauces. Sadly, haven't found anything even close to it up here.

          But if you find those garlic noodles, I'd drive 2 hours to get to them.

        2. Metropolitan Market in Queen Anne sells containers of cooked dungeness crab meat in their seafood area. Last I checked it was about 30$ a lb. It's pretty good, just squeeze a bit of lemon and eat. Would make for an elegant snack.

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            Costco has one pound tubs of Dungeness meat for $19.

          2. Anthony's Homeport at the Shilshole marina used to have all-you-can eat dungenous crab feeds on Sunday afternoon/evening. I can't tell from their website whether they still do.

            The last time I went, which was probably a dozen years ago, it was no more than $20, and you could get them chilled or steamed. They weren't great at serving them steamed, but cold they were fantastic.

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            1. re: not the bad Steve

              I went to Anthony's in Kirkland two years ago and they still had it, but it wasn't as great as I had remembered it in the past. First, the price they now charge (can't remember exactly) made it less of a deal, and secondly, you could kinda tell it was the old crab they were getting rid of.

              Anyone ever those crab cocktails at Jack's in the sanitary market? That could have some potential.