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Aug 13, 2011 03:46 PM

Help me find this cookbook- Chinese

Remember before the internet, when we hand-copied recipes, or made photocopies of pages in our friends' cookbooks?

I've got 4 pages of a cookbook, and I'm hoping that some of you can help me sleuth out the book. I've googled, but I'm getting too many results to be helpful.

Here's what I have- All recipes are divided as follows:
-TITLE (in all caps)
- a little story about the dish

The chapters that I know that are in the book (on the upper margin of the page):
STREET FOOD I have a Beef Congee with Condiments (p. 95) copied
FESTIVAL FOOD AND TEAHOUSE SWEETS I have Happy Family Dumpling Soup (p. 113)
NOODLE DISHES I have Stir Fired Rice Noodles with Beef, Sate Flavor (p. 157) and Beef with Black Bean Sauce on Golden Brown Noodles, (p. 153)

I've had these copies since around 1994, 1995. I remember that the book seemed old then, but maybe just well loved, it's owner was Chinese-American. The page size is such that 2 pages fit "landscape" on a single 8 x 11 piece of paper, and the type size doesn't seem like the pages were reduced to fit the page.

Also- ingredient amounts and spellings are Americanized, not English, i.e. ounces/cups, not metric, and words like Flavor and Color are not spelled with "u" in them.

I would love to find and explore this book further- What do you think?

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  1. Perhaps: Dim Sum and Other Chinese Street Foods, by Mai Leung, 1982, which is the paperback reprint of Chinese Peoples Cookbook published in 1979.

    Check out this recipe for Happy Family Dumpling Soup: Family Dumpli

    If it is the same one, you've found the book. There are used copies for sale on Amazon.

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      Hey- that's the one!

      That Happy Family Dumpling soup is very close- clearly adapted from the book- the author of the post combined the" preparation of ingredients" and "directions for cooking" sections into one, but the language is exactly the same.

      Thank you so much!