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Aug 13, 2011 02:53 PM

suggestions for lunch near KU medical center

Hi, we are looking for good places to eat near the KU medical center. We usually end up at vietnam cafe which is great but we would love to try something different. We aren't looking for anything too fancy or expensive just tasty. Any type of cuisine is fine we eat just about anything.

Thanks so much

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  1. If you go the east past State Line there are lots of good options. Blue Koi and Po's both have great dumplings, although different styles, as well as other good entree options. I enjoy the Ants on the Stick or chicken with black beans at Blue Koi. d'Bronx on Bell and State Line has good New York style pizza (whole pie or by the slice) and sandwiches. Room 39 (on State Line) is definitely nicer, but their lunch and breakfast options are reasonably priced and you get a good feel for what they do at dinner. Ghenghis Khan is about half a block south of State Line on 39th and is a good option for Mongolian barbeque. Further east on 39th is Aladdin's, which does an alright gyro and other Mediterranean options. If you want fried food and a divey atmosphere Jazz/the Jigger will suffice.

    1. Just head east on 39th street from KU Med and you will find lots of great lunch options.
      I love Aladdin Cafe.
      Jazz is good for lunch -- I often go for a late lunch and do half price appetizers for happy hour 3-6
      Friends Sushi and Bento is always good
      D'Bronx for great pizza and sandwiches. I love their calzones
      Room 39 is fancier, but tasty with fresh local ingredients
      Genghis Khan for Mongolian BBQ
      KC Smoke Burgers is around there but I've never tried them.

      Room 39
      1719 West 39th Street, Kansas City, MO 64111

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        thanks both of you for all your suggestions. I will have to try ghenghis khan another time as my friend is on crutches and I think we will enjoy it much more when she can walk. I forwarded the list to her and I'll let you know which one we chose.

      2. Thanks both of you for your suggestions. We ended up going to room 39 and had a wonderful lunch. Its a nice atmosphere and the food was very good.