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Aug 13, 2011 02:25 PM

Sausage casings in Nashua?

Anyone know where I can get sausage casings in Nashua? I am willing to drive a little if needed.


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  1. I always find some at the supermarket, Stop and Shop and Bedford's Harvest Market were the last 2 places specifically, but I bet Market Basket has some. There's also Brother's Butcher that should be able to get them for you.

    Market Basket
    RR 1, Rockland, ME 04841

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    1. re: solargarlic

      Most butcher shops should have them....ask someone behind the counter to cut you as much as you need. I don't have good luck with the grocery store, but maybe I'm not looking in the right place! Brothers Butcher will prob have them, Prime Butcher in Windham might too.

      1. re: purchaser1

        I find them in the pork section, usually near the salted pork or at Stop and Shop, next to the Taylor Ham...they are in a bag.

        1. re: solargarlic

          Funny you should mention Taylor Ham...Have you ever had it? Ima scared to try it...

          1. re: purchaser1

            Uh, yup. And I love it! (Mostly bc in college my Jersey friends made a big deal about it and we enjoyed a lot of egg sandwiches with Taylor ham back in the day.) Don't be afraid of's a cross b/t spam and baloney, not as watery as other processed hams.

            1. re: solargarlic

              Its definitely a Jersey thing...I have customers that swear by it and buy lbs every week...I just havent taken the plunge yet!