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Mar 26, 2006 12:31 PM

sushi in sgv

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wish i could find some good sushi in sgv. i don't mind the 20mi trek to studio city but it's a little too far to go frequently just to eat. chef katsu at tama actually recommended me to osho in monterey park. apparently one of his former apprentice works there now. came out to 40 after tax/tip with some market price items. osho's decent but pricy when ordering a-la-carte vs sushi dinners, similar to sushi gen. been there a few times and also sushi go 55 in little tokyo. good but nothing memorable. i favor traditional sushi/sashimi and hand rolls. any recommendations for excellent sushi in sgv?

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    1. re: ktla97

      no, no, no, Sushi of Naples is just not that good.
      I agree with the general sentiment - good sushi in the SGV is rare. Some chowhounders have raved about Z sushi in Alhambra, but I have been disappointed there. But all is not lost - IMO very good sushi can be had at Matsuri (1065 E. Green St. in Pasadena), proper sushi bar, interesting specials, ridiculously nice people; I also like Shaab (77 N Raymond Ave in Pasadena) as a lunch option - a bit pricey at dinner and the service is kinda slow, but at least the sushi is the best in old town.

      1. re: gastronomike

        i didn't have good experience at naples either the one time i went for lunch long ago. i've seen z sushi mentioned here as well but i never imagined it to be any good.

        1. re: zack

          Z is quite good. At its best I think it approaches Sushi Gen in quality and it's an attractive bar (& room.)

    2. Try a place called THE SUSHI in Temple City.

      It's a sliver of a restaurant with limited hours (usu. mostly dinners), but it has a good quality fish at very reasonable prices.

      5835 Temple City Blvd
      Temple City
      (626) 286-8018

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      1. re: ipse dixit

        Tried this place after passing it up for years. Sushi was fabulous! The chef was really trippy - my wife ordered aji and asked him to make it with ponzu sauce - he replied "no, I don't make it that way" but it was great anyway. This goes to the top of my list.

      2. I think the closest to best sushi spots in SGV would be Z Sushi in Alhambra. 1132 N Garfield Ave

        I had one of the best albacore at Yoshida Sushi Bar in San Marino. The restaurant is small, but it has its loyal patrons. 2026 Huntington

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        1. re: chica

          I second this. I had it the other day. Quality is very good.

          1. re: chica

            Yoshida Sushi in San Marino is fresh, delicious and reasonably priced. Sit at sushi bar (in the middle of it), that's Yoshi's territory. You'll be guaranteed great sushi, great service and one hell of a Saki drinking partner. The man can drink like a fish and still stay very composed. I've never seen him turn down a drink from a patron.
            Try the sweet shrimp, white tuna, torro and live Uni. They're to die for!

          2. Maybe try Suzuhiro on Baldwin in Arcadia? It's a terrific little joint where speaking Japanese would probably do you a little good ;D

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            1. re: Freddie

              Suzuhiro? I think you mean Kiyosuzu. Between Huntington and Duarte on Baldwin. Excellent scallpos and mix sahimi.

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