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Aug 13, 2011 12:31 PM

Help - Want to deliver a gift to a new mom/foodie in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hi chows,
My cousin just gave birth to her first child! I was looking at some online gift stores, but everything seems horridly overpriced. I was wondering if someone could please direct me to a website I can use to send her a present in celebration? She loves food, and if it's something good I'm willing to spend around $300-$500 real but (basing this on the English websites - so the prices are probably way out of proportion)

For this place a good option?


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  1. Never shopped at the site you mentioned, but it does seem a nice place. I am from Rio, so I've never heard of this place. It seems to be located at a nice neighborhood, though.
    I have ordered from this place in Rio and I know they mail it anywhere in Brazil. They even gift wrapped for me, but they don't have a big variety.
    I guess wine is out of the question, right? If not, I have ordered from this site to have wine delivered in Rio. The representative in Rio is Lilian Seldin.
    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.