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Aug 13, 2011 12:22 PM

Best Mexican in Eugene

Or please append title to read "or other cuisine south of the United States border"

Any thoughts on this one? Taco trucks, pupusas, cemitas? Cuban, Salvadoran, Peruvian? Any place that has a big rotating al pastor spit with a pineapple on top? Tacos de buche, lengua, or cabeza?

I'm pretty new to Eugene and so far I've had no real luck aside from a taco truck on a street that I can no longer find.

I'm tired of walking into hole in the walls and finding just another Taco Time.

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  1. I feel your pain thirtyeyes. There's sure a lot of really bad Mexican food out there. Mexicans cooking for gringos. Can't blame 'em. That's how you make money. You are welcome to drive 60 miles north and check out authentico Mexican food in Salem. Check out my posts. I posted today about tortas ahogadas. Believe me, it would be worth the trip to try one at Mercado San Francisco here. You could spend a day in Salem sampling the great Mexican food as I did with a friend not long ago. Try it.

    Mercado San Francisco
    1584 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem, OR 97301

    1. In my sampling so far, Amecameca's suggestions have been totally terrific!

      If you happen to get south to Roseburg, Tino's taco truck offers great tastes. The main truck is off I-5 at Garden Valley Blvd. at the Shell station just west of the freeway. It has 3 big tables. It is always busy. I understand his other truck is off I-5 at Harvard but I've not been there, yet.

      El Mariachi Loco Mexican
      (541) 672-6784
      719 Se Jackson St, Roseburg, OR
      is favored by some. I've enjoyed it, it's definitely not a Taco Time, but IMHO, it's just not at the same level of deliciousness as Tino's or Salem's places.

      1. We love Lonches to Go, little taco cart not too far out river Road.

        1. If you're willing to venture into Springfield, El Trenecito at 15th and Main has delicious tacos with options like bouche and lengua.