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Aug 13, 2011 09:52 AM

I need a meat and pasta recipe and a little inspiraction [Moved from Italy Board]

We are taking the main course pasta recipe to a potluck and I just can't think of anything that interests me.

There will be 10 people and I know I do not want to take a Ragu or Spagetti or Lasagna. I do have a sausage, arugula, penne recipe that sounds interesting, Any other ideas... something interesting.

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  1. Provided you can bring dry pasta (ziti or penne) to the potluck and cook it there, and then mix it with a pre-cooked sauce, I think one of the most interesting pasta with meat sauce dishes in Italy is the Neapolitan pasta alla genovese. (It is NOT pesto from genova. It is a meat dish.)

    Part of what makes it so interesting is that it has no tomatoes in it. It is basically meat and onions reduced through long cooking to a puree.

    You can cook the sauce in advance. But you would end up with unpleasant mush and ruin the dish if you cooked the pasta in advance and reheated it. So only make this dish if you know you'll be able to boil up plenty of water at the party and cook the pasta there to mix with the gently re-heated sauce.

    This recipe feeds a crowd. If it is too much, you can find smaller versions on the web if you do a google search for "Neapolitan pasta genovese recipe"

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      I agree...
      Why no lasagna? It is the only pasta dish that really works for a potluck (unless you can cook the pasta there like barberinibee suggested). You don't have to make boring standard lasagna either (for example wild mushroom lasagna can be impressive).

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      1. You might try a Pastitsio, if you like lamb. It's a sort of lasagne-like Greek dish, with a spicy tomato sauce (with cinnamon), a bechamel and cheese, usually made with ziti. I've made it a couple of times, by looking up a bunch of recipes and doing an amalgamation- I think Ina Garten has a pretty good recipe, easily tracked down; foodnetwork .com would cerrtrainly have it, and there are lots of others out there. In fact, I think I once saw Rachel Ray do a sort of takeoff with broken up lasagne noodles that she was billing as miracle lasagne.

        1. Why not try Ground Lamb Ragu. Very easy. 1&1/2 lbs ground lamb to 1 lb pasta. Saute meat, drain off most fat. Add 6-8 garlic cloves. 1 can (28oz) crushed tomatoes, 1 cup white wine, oregano and s&p and simmer for 30 min. Its's an old Katy Sparks recipe. Can't remember the name of her restaurant but it was great. Hope this helps. you can double