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Aug 13, 2011 08:47 AM

Prefab Protein Shakes - Are there any that taste good and will pack on pounds?

A friend has had their doctor recommend protein shakes to put back the weight lost due to health issues. If they have to drink them, they may as well enjoy them too. Are there any available in Canada that can do both?

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  1. Labrada Lean Body Shakes are amazing and run about 250 calories per shake. You can find them at all GNC's or anyother nutrition shop.

    For a really amazing taste (for a shake mind you) go for the Muscle Milk shakes. Every single flavour, and they have about 20, is amazing and my personal favorites are banana, cookies and cream and chocolate mint, strawberry & cream. Generally speaking, their fruit and decadent-ish flavours are a hit.


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      muscle milk cookies and cream is great!

    2. protein shakes vary - some are specifically designed for weight gain - that seems to be what the person needs - maybe google for weight gain protein shakes and see what pops up.

      1. Does it have to be prefab?
        If not, you might consider adding favorite fruit to vanilla flavored mixes to augment to friend's tastes.

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          porker, they're working on creating a delicious protein drink. In the meantime they need a convenient product so they don't have to wait.

          Thanks for the help so far all. I'm going to track down Muscle Milk.

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            When I mentioned "vanilla flavored mixes", I meant protein powders. I'm new to this myself and have been frustrated by the lack of of different flavors. Its basically vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate. There are others, including non-flavored, but the prices are much higher than I like.
            I'm not a sweet kind of guy, so its frustrating. I've settled for a skim milk base (added protein, little fat) with a couple scoops of vanilla protein powder and a banana blended together.

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              With Protein powder is general, you'll find that ones made with Casein are better than the ones made of Whey or a Whey+casein belnd. Whey tastes nasty and is thinner in consistency. Casein with a little less water can come out feeling like a milkshake!

              Optimum Nutrition makes a great 100% casein Vanilla Powder. Muscle Milk also has powders but the end result is far less palatable than the Ready to drink ones.

              When using powders, I always go with a basic vanilla, which allows you to add other flavors and create some amazing drinks.

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                vanilla might be basic, but it aint neutral - it kinda clashes when mixing with a beef or pho broth....

                1. re: porker

                  A beef/pho protein shake? i can't even.....

                  1. re: meatnveg

                    I'm just saying...why does a shake have to be dessert-like. OK, maybe thats the definition of a "shake", but what if I want a salty, meaty tasting protein drink? What If I don't like vanilla or chocolate or strawberry? I'm just saying...

                    1. re: porker

                      1. The OP requested 'Pre-fab Protein Shakes'. Apart from, meat broth (90% protein), I don't much else that fits the bill.

                      2. I knew a guy who used to make what he called 'Glop'. he'd take spinach, ground beef, chicken broth and blend it. It was the most disgusting looking, awesome tasting thing i've tried.

                      Didn't mean to come off as rude. This internet thing needs a tone of voice gadget.

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                        No offence, or even rudeness taken (but you're right, the lack of tone keys (especially tongue-in-cheek) is severely lacking on this internet thing).
                        I am only a dabbler in protein powders, but was disappointed to find most of them in only the three flavors listed above. Yes I've seen a non-flavored one here or there, but at 5 times the cost of most others, its not something I'm willing to buy.
                        As la2tokyo mentions, if you are going to drink the stuff 3 times a day, better find something you like. If it was me, I wouldn't like strawberry or chocolate or vanilla or any combo 3 times a day.
                        Alternative: make your own, right? And using a powder chock full of protein sounds like a pretty good base to start with. Adding a non-flavored powder to your friend's glop would certainly boost the protein content I'd think. (adding vanilla powder, maybe not so much...).
                        I'll say, like I say, I'm just saying.

          2. Mr. Sueatmo lost a lot of weight right after his by pass surgery a decade ago. He was told to eat more protein, but no other specific recs. I had him try yogurt, which has become a must have for him. I would only use Greek style or other natural yogurt, and flavor to suit. Add fruit and the favored sweetener to taste.

            1. The only ones that taste good to me are available in the U.S. and by mail order cases, too. EAS Myoplex; they're high protein. I used the carb control variety, but they have carby ones, too. I just wanted to maintain lean body mass, not store more fat. HTH and your friend gets strong fast!