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Aug 13, 2011 06:10 AM

Dinners in Naples?


I’m looking for suggestions for dinners in Naples, Monday-Friday, early Sept.

I’ve gone through the threads here and a number of places look exactly like what we have in mind –

Donna Teresa,
Hosteria Toledo,
Cantina di Via Sapienza.
Trattoria a Pignata

But are they open only for lunch?

I am looking for suggestions for places along these lines (great food; nice atmosphere; simple and down to earth over chic and fancy, although we would want to have our own table; and ideally under 20 euros/head and less than that a plus) that will definitely be open at dinner time.

We know Naples has great pizza, but for dinner we are looking for meat/fish/poultry type meals. `We are likely to be staying at the Montespina Park Hotel in Agnano Terme, in the western part of Naples, if that helps, but we are happy to use public transport.

Thank you!

Cantina di Via Sapienza
Via della Sapieza 40-41, Naples, Campania , IT

Vico Lungo Teatro Nuovo 103, Naples, Campania , IT

Hosteria Toledo
Vico Giardinetto, 78, Naples, Campania 80132, IT

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  1. Donna Teresa is open for dinner except for one night per week -- and I can't remember which night that is. It fits your ideal when it comes to price, and tables are individual. It is very tiny, and they do accept reservations.

    I ate at Cantina di via Sapienza for lunch, and my recollection is that it is lunch only, but maybe they've changed.

    Your hotel is really quite far from all the restaurants you've named, and while your hotel looks to be within striking distance by taxi of a commuter rail line and metro stop, you are looking at a significant commute by public transport,. You may also want to make sure that, if you are returning from dinner by public transport, that taxis are easy to find when arrive at your final stop, because it looks far to walk (and maybe uphill). You should ask your hotel the cost of taxi rides to and from the hotel to areas like Vomero or the via Toledo. (There are always a lot of taxis steps from Donna Teresa in the piazza Vanvitelli.)

    Were it me, and I didn't want to switch hotels, I would be looking for dinner much closer to the hotel. In Napoli, you might discover the food is fantastic and cheap out of the center.

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    1. re: barberinibee

      Thank you - fueled by renewed hope in the possibilty of Donna Teresa, I found this via timeout naples.I hope it's accurate - it says is closed Sundays.

      Osteria Donna Teresa details
      Via Kerbaker 58
      Area Naples
      Transport Funicular Chiaia to Via Cimarosa or Centrale to Piazza Fuga/bus C28, C31, C32, V1
      Telephone 081 556 7070
      Open 1-3pm, 8-11pm Mon-Sat. Closed 3wks Aug.

      PS Thank you for the transport advice too
      Average €12.
      Thank you!

      Osteria Donna Teresa
      Via Kerbaker 58, Naples, Campania 80129, IT

      1. re: angelaangel

        Hostaria Toledo is reliable for traditional fare. It is open for dinner and I would suggest reserving. Prices are moderate; my notes tell me that two of us spent 55 euro with water and house wine for a dinner consisting of several courses.

        Hosteria Toledo. This cozy two-level restaurant was close to empty when we entered, but before an hour had passed the first floor room where we were seated was full and hopeful diners were being turned away to the door or told to return in an hour. The diners were a mix of tourists and locals and the ratio changed to mostly locals as the night progressed.

        The hosteria is run by a friendly couple; she waits on tables and he takes orders and supervises. The printed menu, supplemented by daily specials, reads like a greatest hits of Neopolitan classics.

        For our last dinner of the week, we had:

        Salad of mozzarella red peppers and tomatoes

        Buccatini al forno.. long pasta baked with tomatoes and mozzarella (this was one of my partner’s favorite dishes of the week)

        Sote di vongole..a very good rendition of one of my favorite dishes of the week (perhaps not as spectacular as the version I had enjoyed at A Paranza, but still excellent)

        Paccheri special pasta consisting of thick wide tubes of cut pasta with mozzarella, peas, tomatoes and mushrooms. Cheesy goodness!

        Eggplant Parmigiana..wonderful, wonderful!

        With water and a bottle of house wine (unlabeled bottle), the bill totaled 55 euro.

        Hosteria Toledo is a SlowFood eatery, closed Tuesday at dinnertime.

        Hosteria Toledo
        Vico Giardinetto, 78, Naples, Campania 80132, IT

        1. re: angelaangel

          Your hotel is close to the Metro B line, which will get you to Montesanto (or also the commuter line) - you can then take the funicular up to Vomero, - the exit is just a short distance from Donna Teresa. If the Metro works for you there will be a number of places.
          Museo stop is close to Sapienza (yes, lunch only)

          liek the others said, you will be pretty far out from the center. If taxis are available or you have a car, You might want to look into some of the places in Pozzuoli,Posillipo,Chaia or Mergellina.

          If you are planning to tour the area, you are based pretty far from the center of things, although not so bad for boats to the island, or Campo Flegrei but that area really isnt doable very well without a car.

          1. re: jen kalb

            Another place you might investigate for dinner eats is Fuorigrotta, which is quite near Agnano Terme and is Naples's trade fair area. It makes me think there must be plenty of restaurants there. Of what quality, I don't know.

            Some of the hotels in Fuorigrotta might have shuttles to the city center.

            1. re: barberinibee

              Thank you everybody for the replies - I did run across one place, La Notizia in the Fuorigrotta neighborhood, but looks to be mostly pizza. The hotel in Agnano Terme makes sense for work reasons, so a taxi will most likely be in order!

              La Notizia
              via Caravaggio,94a, Naples, Campania , IT

            2. re: jen kalb

              This was very useful info, proximity of the eateries to metro - thank you! Metro looks to be a doable option after all. much happier to spend euros on food/wine rather than cab fare!