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Aug 13, 2011 05:12 AM

Vegan friendly in Ambler/Blue Bell?

My son and his fiance are stopping here on the way from Boston to Maryland for dinner on Sunday, and I'm looking for someplace that would have a couple of vegan friendly options, but close to home (Blue Bell) since they're already going to be in the car for a long time on that day. Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. Maybe give Arpeggio a call in Spring House...can't think off the top of my head of their menu....but think their daily lentil soup might be along with grape leaves...hummus...baba..etc

    1. It's a little further away, but the Blue Sage in Southampton is great, vegetarian (the menu is partly vegan and most of the rest of it can be made vegan upon request), and if they're coming to Blue Bell from Boston, it's on their way to your house.

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        =1 on Blue Sage. Excellent food cooked and served by people who care. I am unsure of the routing as being "on the way". I would guess Blue Sage is 30-45 minutes from Blue Bell depending on the day and hour (traffic). Well worth the drive, reservations are suggested as it
        is infrequent that they can seat walk ins.

      2. Take a look at the website for Everest Grill in Broad Axe. I think you'll see some nice options for you there.

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          My first choice would have been Blue Sage...but if it is for a Sunday nite....unfortunately...they are closed Sunday and Monday!!!

        2. I would try Arpeggio's or you can go to Whole Foods early Sunday morning and have first dibs on the buffet and bring it home to serve for dinner later. There are lots of vegan options. Not organic though. There are no vegan restaurants in the area.