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Aug 13, 2011 01:29 AM

Riding House Cafe, Fitzrovia - any thoughts?

We're thinking of going there for lunch tomorrow (Sunday). I've seen mixed reviews. Any thoughts from CH-ers?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well. I'm looking for a restaurant that's open for lunch on Sunday, has a good vegetarian and/or fish selection, preferably has small plates, takes bookings, and lies somewhere on the route between Marylebone High Street and Southampton Row (unfortunately I can't deviate too far from this route). Preferably not terribly expensive. Also, preferably not very loud, as one of the party is a little deaf.

Edit 30 minutes later: never post before you've had your morning cup of tea. To be more clear, the areas I'm looking for are Marylebone, Fitzrovia, Bloomsbury, with very little ability to go further afield

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  1. I've been there for a drink. I like the space and the service is good. I didn't eat there, but what I saw looked nice -- probably not amazing but tasty.

    1. This reply may be a tad too late. Liked the decor and the vibe but the food was average at best. Had the chorizo hash brown and a friend had the fish and chips. Would welcome your thoughts on the place!

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        I agree, the food was fairly average though inoffensive: I didn't want to send anything back in disgust. We ordered the small plates to share, and everything seemed uninspired and under seasoned. The best of the lot were a sea bass ceviche, where the other flavours made up for the lack of salt, and an artichoke puree which was very artichokey. Coffee was good, from Caravan. Can't say about the drinks, as we didn't order any, though not for lack of trying: the rather surly waitress simply walked away after taking our food orders, and didn't hear us bellowing our drink orders after her. Service on the whole was not great.

        The decor was, as widely noted, very stylish without being contrived. It's also a good location if one needs an escape from Oxford Street. However it aspires to be a family restaurant, at least on Sundays (kids' menu, unimaginative adults' menu), so may not be an island of calm, precisely.