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Aug 12, 2011 11:21 PM

Artichoke Recommendations

Hello! New here and this looks like a great place... My wife and I are returning to NOLA for the second time on Aug 19th for a week (after two last Feb before Mardi Gras) and after searching CHOW for suggestions thought I'd ask the Board what current "can't miss" ideas y'all have for Artichoke dishes/soups/salads around the FQ, Uptown, CBD or Marigny areas? We did a Road Scholar program that included a weeks worth of fine seafood/cajun/creole dining but I've heard about the wonderful things some placesdo with my favorite vegetable;)

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  1. I have nothing for you but I will be watching this for ideas.

    Love the 'choke

    1. The first two classic dishes that come to mind are oyster artichoke soup and stuffed artichokes, but I can't think of anyplace in the neighborhoods you want that serves either of those dishes. Mandina's always has oyster artichoke soup, and Liuzza's has stuffed artichokes, but they're both in Mid-City. I must be forgetting someplace in the Quarter or Uptown that serves either of those dishes, but nothing is coming to me.

      Moving on to other dishes, Vincent's on Magazine St. has Artichoke Vincent which is seafood over fried hearts with a creamy sauce. Several places have fried artichokes, Joey K's on Magazine and Domenica in the Roosevelt Hotel, for example. Joey K's also has a pasta with shrimp and artichokes. I think Irene's in the Quarter has at least one artichoke dish on the menu. La Crepe Nanou has a crepe with artichokes, I love that place if you're in the mood for a casual French bistro. Crescent Pie and Sausage has a fantastic Mediterranean pizza with merguez and artichoke hearts, but it's in Mid-City too. Oysters Katherine at Arnaud's in the Quarter involves artichokes in the topping, but to my mind it's not worth going there just for that. And of course all the pizza places have artichoke toppings, and many places have spinach artichoke dip but that's probably not exactly what you had in mind.

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      1. re: uptownlibrarian

        Crabmeat Sardou: crab on creamed spinach on artichoke hearts topped with hollandaise. Galatoires took the plain artichoke off the streamlined menu but they still had them in the back. I get it with hollandaise.

        A whole lot of stuffed artichokes are mostly varies a great deal. I have not seen one lately that I'd cross the street for and I just make them myself.

        Galatoire's Restaurant
        209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

        1. re: hazelhurst

          I'm not sure about Galatoire's but almost all "sardou" dishes here are made with obviously canned artichokes. Are you sure they turn fresh artichokes?

          Galatoire's Restaurant
          209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

          1. re: rabeezbabee

            If they don't then it just started. Antoine's always had fresh ones 40 years ago but I think they switched that sometime in the early 90's...I have not had one of theirs in forever.

            It's always better, of course, to have the real thing. If the kitchen has real ones then sardou and oyster artichoke soup are the perfect uses.

            1. re: hazelhurst

              Agreed Hazelhurst, Mandina's does a fine Oyster/Artichoke soup still, don't they?

              Mandina's Restaurant
              3800 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70119

              1. re: Sachabear

                I have not been in there for a long time..the new set-up depresses me.

                the old LeRuth oyster/artichoke was awfully good. But that's long gone...

        2. re: uptownlibrarian

          Venezia also in Mid-City also has stuffed artichokes ( I believe). Mid-City is not far from uptown.

        3. I can't think of anyone serving fresh artichokes in the Quarter. Until recently, Bob Iacovone was doing a halved, simply grilled artichoke served with an aioli up at Rambla but they just closed. I suspect that you'll find lots of canned, "marinated" artichoke hearts used in dishes but I hope someone can point to a place serving fresh artichokes. Maybe on a Bayona special?

          430 Dauphine St, New Orleans, LA 70112

          217 Camp Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

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          1. re: rabeezbabee

            In season, Domenica has an awesome carciofi alla guidia, which is a Roman jewish style fried artichoke. Crispy, tender, delicious. But it's past time for local artichokes, so I don't know if it is still on the menu.

            123 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA 70112

              1. re: midcity

                Yes, they closed down at the beginning of the month with only a weeks notice or so.

                1. re: rabeezbabee

                  a couple of things to clear up. rambla is not closed down first of all, second of all bob iacovonne was not the chef there he is an owner and third of all, artichokes are way way out of season right now, if you dont want to get canned chokes then you could try ordering them when they are actually in season

                  1. re: ironballs

                    My apologies. I was told that they only had a week left in late July. I suppose something changed.

                    1. re: ironballs

                      I was told by someone with contacts in the growing end that there are varieties at peak virtually all year round in California...the spring and fall are the most plentiful he said. I do kinow that I have had fresh artichokes in New Orleans past the peak spring season. Admittedly, some of them have been poor specimens--and the waiters will tell me not to bother if that is the case---but just last week I saw some huge beauties in Whole Food..they were not priced (at least where I could see it) so I avoided the sticker shock at the register and passed them up.

                      But you are probably right that a lot of places use the canned hearts. Not worth it, in that case.

                      1. re: hazelhurst

                        Frozen hearts are way better than canned.
                        Local artichokes (not very many of those) are generally available in mid-April.

                        1. re: Hungry Celeste

                          I agree completely. I still have problems finding frozen from time-to-time, though. besides, I'd rather cook the real thing and get the hearts that way.

                          My grandmother remembered getting artichokes from Plaquemines Parish and I can recall the guys at the truck by the priest factory saying that theirs were from down-river. A million years ago I saw some bushes down there.

                          I have always wanted a small artichoke farm of my own....I wonder if I could raise them as an out-of-bounds hazard at Audubon park golf course?

                          1. re: hazelhurst

                            I grew them for several years...they're perennial plants, growing & producing for several seasons before giving up the ghost. Big ol' bushy things: I uprooted mine 'cause they limited my tomato-growing space.

                          2. re: Hungry Celeste

                            If there are any local artichoke farms, I would love to know. Thanks, in advance.

                          3. re: hazelhurst

                            You're right Hazelhurst, in CA they are just coming into season now. I was unaware the seasons were so different but with your HOT summers, it makes sense. Thanks for the advice.

                            1. re: Sachabear

                              Saw small CA artichokes at Rouses this past week

                  2. Eggs sardou at Commander's Palace brunch is one of the finest dished in the city and definitely the finest artichoke dish, in my opinion. Their brunch is delicious. Make sure you call ahead to male a reservation and when you do, ask them if it would be possible to have the eggs sardou on the menu. It is often not on the menu because they only use fresh artichokes. Trust me on this one. Unless you don't like eggs, you'll love this'

                    Commander's Palace Restaurant
                    1403 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130