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Aug 12, 2011 11:18 PM

Favorite Lids

I recently purchased a Sitram stockpot that I fell in love with as soon as I picked it up; good weight, feels good to handle, it's pretty, and shiny... I'm rather smitten with it.

The lid that goes with it on the other hand... I -really- want to send back for something else... I feels too light to me and I don't care for the vent, the one I have doesn't sit flat either.

Anyway, I was looking at the Paderno lids online, but didn't see any reviews and I don't trust just a picture so... what are your favorite lids?

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  1. My favorite lids are ones that fit multiple items. The champion is the 10" lid that came with a saute pan; it also fits a 5-qt boil/soup pot, an 8-qt stock pot, and a medium skillet. I gave to a thrift store the lids that came with the soup and stock pots. You might be surprised at the selection available in local thrifts...

    Though I didn't plan it that way, every lid I have fits at least two pots or pans. It's a form of kitchen clutter I'm pleased to cut down on. They're stored close to hand yet out of the way on the backs of cabinet doors near the stove with a "hillbilly Hafele" rig of small bungee cords push-pinned into the doors.

    1. To answer your question more substantively, my favorite lid is the one that came from a pan in the Cuisinart Chef's Classic line (several years ago, when they were not induction-ready). It has nice weight and finish and a comfortable riveted handle.

      Most cookware stores aren't necessarily going to sell lids separately from the pans, but restaurant supply places are more likely to. Are there ones you can get to in person? Because I think in-person shopping is more likely to get you the fit and the feel you want.

      1. The Paderno Grand Gourmet or other line that is made in Italy will fit all of the Sitram pots because the sizes are all standardized in Europe. I have two Paderno lids for Paderno roundeau. They are simple but sturdy. My favorite lids are the Demeyere Atlantis, which are heavy and have a great handle. I am speaking only of the SS lids, as Demeyere can be ordered with glass lids, which I abhor. However, I really don't know if it is worth the price to you to buy Demeyere lids. They will fit, and seem nicer than both the Padermo and the Sitram, but are expensive. After all, how much does it matter about the lid handles anyway? I agree, Sitram lids can be flimsy. I noticed this about Falk copper too, so I wonder if Sitram omits the copper or uses very little when constructing lids, since copper doesn't affect a lid's performance. Anyway, my vote is Demeyere Atlantis first, Paderno Grand Gourmet second.