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Aug 12, 2011 10:41 PM

Great Dijon salmon tips

Which of these ideas tempts most? I'd appreciate suggestions:

-Dijon, maple/honey, fresh herbs (which?), cracked black pepper, splash of white wine around the salmon, entirely in oven.
-Seared first, then oven. I worry that searing might overwhelm Dijon's delicacy. Is that right?
-Just Dijon, omit maple/honey.

Any adjustments? I'm using high-quality Dijon and want it to stand out. Not planning on bread crumbs.

Serve with either French lentils, basil mashed potatoes, risotto, wilted greens (arugula?), caramelized Brussels sprouts. Preference?

Thanks for input.

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  1. I love salmon.

    And I love Dijon.

    But personally, I don't like Dijon and Salmon.

    Salmon is one of those fish that has a strong and wonderful unique flavor. If you serve salmon, you want people to taste the salmon.

    Dijon, likewise, is very strong in its flavor profile. To marry the two, you end up suffocating the salmon's unique taste and sweetness. This is esp. true if you were to mix in honey in addition to Dijon.

    Just overkill. You're making salmon, not a deli sandwich.

    It would, to me, be a waste of a good piece of fish (assuming you *are* using good quality salmon).

    If it were me, I would simply grill the salmon with some sea salt and cracked black pepper, then garnish with a bit of dill and some lemon before serving.

    Good luck.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      In that case, what might you suggest for cooking with Dijon, or would you personally not use high heat with Dijon?

      1. re: SuchTaste

        Hi SuchTaste,

        Personally, I don't think Dijon and high heat is a problem (although I wouldn't go about putting a piece of meat with Dijon dressing under the broiler).

        I think a good quality Dijon is wonderful with pork (either loin or chops), certain types of game dishes (incl. buffalo and elk), and if you want to pair it with fish, I think a dill or dijon lemon butter dressing would pair wonderfully with a white fish like halibut (either filets or steaks).

        Good luck.

        1. re: SuchTaste

          Dijon goes well with any fish that is not strong tasting like salmon, marlin etc. I would recommend a firm fish to stand up to the Dijon...say swordfish, shark etc. A creamy Dijon Sauce with Dill is a match made in heaven.

      2. You could make a sauce from Dijon, mayo, cream, coarsely ground peppercorns and dill to serve cold with the plainly cooked salmon.

        Ina does something with salmon and Dijon in a 450 oven.