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Aug 12, 2011 10:01 PM

Uncle's Cafe (Waverly St.) Has New Owners

A couple of days ago I noticed that the venerable Uncle's Cafe at Clay and Waverly has undergone a makeover and is under new ownership. I don't know when the changeover took place, but the congratulatory red-ribboned plants were still in place. A cursory glance at the posted menus suggests that it's offering typical Chinatown Cantonese-American fare.

I have lots of memories of Uncle's dating back to the 60's

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  1. i hope they keep the famous apple pie on the menu.

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    1. re: shanghaikid

      The older Sun Wah Que (and long gone) apple's and orange pies were my favorite. I miss them. Do not remember Uncle's pie.

    2. The apple pie ($1.00) which was best known in old S. F. Chinatown was from Sun Wah Kue, not Uncle’s! Apple pie was to Sun Wah Kue in the old days as custard egg tarts is to Golden Gate bakery today! The items from Sun Wah Kue’s old bakery (Baker Leong), also included sugar donuts, custard, orange and pineapple pies (~$1.50), cup, marble, and peanut cakes, and banana and strawberry shortcakes (~$2.00). They made fabulous waffles for breakfast topped simply with sugar and butter rather than syrup (~ $0.35, w/coffee).

      Delicious three course meals featured prime rib (was $1.75), fry chicken, oxtail stew, and hamburger steak included soup, entrée with mashed potatoes or rice, vegetable, a biscuit (“wet” variety), and a choice of pie or jello for dessert.

      Uncle's came into being long after Sun Wah Kue was established.

      Pictures inside old Sun Wah Kue (Pic by Louie Photo


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