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Aug 12, 2011 09:56 PM

Coco's in Easthampton MA

The former owners of the restaurant that was below Cha Cha Cha (or maybe Cha Cha Cha itself?), Unmi Abkin and her husband, have come back to the Valley from the Bay Area, and are opening a restaurant soon where Venus was in Easthampton. Anyone have any additional info about it? That's all I know. A friend who liked their catering in Berkeley clued me in, and there was something about it in the Gazette a while ago but I haven't seen any updates.

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  1. that is very exciting! thank you. I missed that in the GAzette.

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    1. re: magiesmom

      Goggling Unmi doesn't produce any info on Coco's except that there is a Coco's in East Hampton, NY...not helpful.

    2. Here is the facebook page for Coco...

          1. I've heard it will be Mediterranean, but their Facebook page doesn't confirm.
            Regardless, I know it will be a great addition to the Valley food scene!

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              we enjoyed Cha Cha Cha but never ate at the downstairs place -- it looked pretentious and overpriced and the menu did not appeal..."Mediterranean"...that's a broad term...have to wait and see!

              1. re: jzzy55

                i ate at cha cha cha almost daily the first few months they were open because so many of my pals worked there. and i liked that stuff a lot, but the "downstairs" restaurant was pretty amazing. not cheap, but i had a couple meals there that were as good as anything i've had anywhere. really looking forward to this new venture.


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                I heard it was "new American" and that they would have, among other things, fried chicken. The Facebook page shows arugula salad, beignets, fried green tomatoes, and ricotta gnocchi.

                1. re: corinnerose

                  we could sure use some really good fried chicken!

                  1. re: magiesmom

                    I would travel to Amherst for great fried chicken! Someone please post after they get to try some.

                    1. re: mjoyous

                      one hitch--it's actually in Easthampton, not Amherst. I think they're opening this weekend, but still don't see a menu online.