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Aug 12, 2011 09:37 PM

Most of my salary is spent on ______ food.

What type of food or item do you spend the most money on?

(For me, it is fruit. I have to have fresh fruit constantly.)

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  1. In terms of percentage of my total income, then it's seafood.

    In terms of total quantity of food purchased (by weight), then it's fruit.

    In terms of total quantity of food purchased (by volume), then it's veggies.

    In terms of total quantity of food purchased (by calories), then it's ice cream, or things to make ice cream. :-)

    1. I like this exercise, Grace. And ipse's qualifications add to it. So I'm going to examine my next receipts and tot up a week's worth.

      Afraid that coffee and cheese may be my $$ leaders, lol.

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      1. Most of my salary (actually pension, as I'm retired) is not spent on food.

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          True of almost all of us, I'm sure. I suspect the OP meant to say something like "Most of my food budget goes to X." In which case I'd probably have to say "restaurants." Because even though I cook at home, a lot, when I go out I tend to spend quite a bit.

        2. I would definitely say proteins such as duck, pheasant, bison, venison and lamb. Second would definitely be exotic spices (which I buy regularly and use often). Third would have to be great local artisan cheeses.

          Also a LOT of fruit. Grow most of my vegetables and herbs. When we are at our Croatia house then it would without question be fresh seafood and white truffles.

          ETA: We definitely do not spend a lot of our income on food but admittedly do spend more than most people we know. But it is one of our top priorities and our entertainment!

          1. I also spend the vast majority of my salary on other things (rent, bills etc...) What little I have left for food, however...

            Coffee is the biggest one, 'cause I'm a coffee snob even though I'm poor, and my boyfriend has a bad stomach and can only drink certain kinds, and only when they're fresh.

            I second the coffee-and-cheese thing. I buy a ton of cheese.

            At this time of year, I also get a ton of fruit (although not as much as I would like- I need to get down to the farmer's market.)