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Most of my salary is spent on ______ food.

What type of food or item do you spend the most money on?

(For me, it is fruit. I have to have fresh fruit constantly.)

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  1. In terms of percentage of my total income, then it's seafood.

    In terms of total quantity of food purchased (by weight), then it's fruit.

    In terms of total quantity of food purchased (by volume), then it's veggies.

    In terms of total quantity of food purchased (by calories), then it's ice cream, or things to make ice cream. :-)

    1. I like this exercise, Grace. And ipse's qualifications add to it. So I'm going to examine my next receipts and tot up a week's worth.

      Afraid that coffee and cheese may be my $$ leaders, lol.

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      1. Most of my salary (actually pension, as I'm retired) is not spent on food.

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          True of almost all of us, I'm sure. I suspect the OP meant to say something like "Most of my food budget goes to X." In which case I'd probably have to say "restaurants." Because even though I cook at home, a lot, when I go out I tend to spend quite a bit.

        2. I would definitely say proteins such as duck, pheasant, bison, venison and lamb. Second would definitely be exotic spices (which I buy regularly and use often). Third would have to be great local artisan cheeses.

          Also a LOT of fruit. Grow most of my vegetables and herbs. When we are at our Croatia house then it would without question be fresh seafood and white truffles.

          ETA: We definitely do not spend a lot of our income on food but admittedly do spend more than most people we know. But it is one of our top priorities and our entertainment!

          1. I also spend the vast majority of my salary on other things (rent, bills etc...) What little I have left for food, however...

            Coffee is the biggest one, 'cause I'm a coffee snob even though I'm poor, and my boyfriend has a bad stomach and can only drink certain kinds, and only when they're fresh.

            I second the coffee-and-cheese thing. I buy a ton of cheese.

            At this time of year, I also get a ton of fruit (although not as much as I would like- I need to get down to the farmer's market.)

            1. Probably on snacks, munchies and junk food I'm embarrassed to say. Sometime I just have to have those two Taco Supremes.

              1. If you're asking where most of our food spending goes -- mine is probably for proteins (mostly meat and fish). But a hefty chunk goes for wine, too.

                1. I'm self-employed, so.... no regular salary to speak of.

                  I'd venture a guess that most of my money spent on food goes to seafood, happy meat, the occasional cheese indulgence and the ridiculously overpriced (b/c imported) Belgian endive.

                  Single malts, too. If they qualify '-)

                  1. sushi wins

                    and a lot goes to wine/beer too- but more is spent on sushi for sure

                    1. Condiments..totally addicted to the condiment aisle of any store and my pantry speaks volumes to where the $$ goes....including spices.
                      Fresh fruit second
                      Tea & coffee third
                      Greek yogurt & eggs tie for 4th place

                      1. Not most of my salary, but much of my food budget is spent on fruit; in winter I will pay almost anything for good fruit. This summer I have frozen a lot of berries and stone fruits asa way to deal with this.

                        Up until a year ago I would have said seafood and meat next, but I have shifted my diet to less of these; I still eat them and love them but see them now as sides or flavorings for veggies and grains. I did not do this for economic reasons, but I see a big change in my bills as a result.

                        1. You know, I don't understand what you are asking. Are you asking, "What foodstuff do I spend most of my salary on?" (Who does that?)

                          Or, What foodstuff do you spend the most money on? I THINK you are asking the second question, right?

                          For me the answer would be proteins and produce. We eat a lot of produce. But protein is often more costly per pound than anything else I can think of.

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                            Not sure, either. If the first, then it's not food, it's dd's tuition.

                            If it's the second, then fruit. We buy our protein by the animal/side for the most part, as we don't trust the supermarket meats. That would be what we spend on the most at one time, but over the course of the year, we still spend more on fruit. We're in the middle of the country where good, fresh fish cannot be had, so we are sorely lacking in that area. If we lived on a coast, the answer would probably be sea creatures.

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                              Yes, I am Really asking the second. (Due to my profession... it just feels like the first. Teaching=rent+food. With a remainder of Zero.)

                              1. Probably "dairy products" food, mostly cheese.

                                Although, if I were to only look at the last 2 weeks of my life, I believe the answer would be "spices" due to a very expensive saffron purchase a few days ago :)

                                1. Today it was fruit: a big bag of cherries and some fruit, followed by cheese, fish, and vegetables. It probably is pretty even over those categories plus wine and snacks over time.

                                  1. I try to be moderate with my food spending. Unfortunately that means I end up spending any surplus on boots...

                                    Highest costs would be cheese and meat, both fresh for cooking and nice cured treats. But as I eat limited amounts of meat the usual weekly expenses mostly go on fresh fruit and vegetables, good greek yoghurt,ramen noodles (not instant ramen!) and numerous types of rice.

                                    1. Dining out, for sure! Is that a food item? We probably have dinners out 3 times a week. Just something we budget for because we truly enjoy it.
                                      The biggest share of my cooking budget probably goes to seafood. I'm very picky about it, but do spend a little less on it when I make the jaunt to the Asian grocery. Alcohol is a biggie, as well as cheese.

                                      1. Here's an almost on-topic map that is interesting, about food and money.

                                        1. "When I get a little money, I buy books. And if there is any left over, I buy food."
                                          - Desiderius Erasmus

                                          As for a breakdown of my own shopping expenses, I'd say that averaged out over a month's time about equal amounts are spent on:
                                          a) fruits, vegetables & juices (much of this spent on organic)
                                          b) cheeses, yogurt, cottage cheese (feeding my habit, literally), milk, and cream once in awhile
                                          c) meats, poultry, fish & smoked fish

                                          and lesser but approximately even amounts on:
                                          a) deli- cold cuts, prepared salads & hummus, etc
                                          b) herbs/spices, condiments/dressings/sauces, pickles, preserves
                                          c) good breads, organic nuts, nut butters & grains from bulk bins at local CoOp, pasta
                                          d) indulgences- sweets & crunchies

                                          followed by
                                          canned & frozen foods
                                          cereals, crackers, other dry goods like flour & sugars
                                          nonfood items like laundry detergent, soap, claensers & paper goods
                                          cat food & supplies

                                          1. I'm retired and on a fixed income so I have to plan my shopping strategically.. I invest a considerable amount of my food money in a half-share with a local organic farm. The farm supplies me with generous amounts of fresh, seasonal vegetables and some fruit. Since I prepare many Asian meals, I spend frugally on proteins but I do include some fresh fish (not much), frozen fish, fresh shellfish (mainly mussels and clams) and a little meat. The rest of my food income is consumed by condiments, spices, fresh herbs, etc. Eating well and healthily is a high priority for me. As another chowhound noted: Rent+bills+foods= almost nil.