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Aug 12, 2011 09:21 PM

Baking Mistake Comes out Fine

I was making a new recipe for a cake that you press fruit into the thick batter--I used nectarines--and then the batter comes up around the fruit and it gets crunchy on top. So I make the recipe, which said one egg but kept referring to eggS, so I put in two, put it in the oven and then when describing it to my husband 15 minutes later realized I forgot the baking powder! Too late to add it so just let it go. Came out great, crunchy, eggy and light, kind of like a claufoti, and wonderful. fear of baking has been lessened.

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  1. That's awesome when something works out like that! mistakes are great, if we never made mistakes we would never learn anything new :)

    1. What a great story! I hate messing up measurements or ingredients when baking and I probably would have just tossed the whole thing if I had been you. Good for you! And thanks for sharing.

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        It sounds like fplumklugen...a german cake my mother in law makes. Glad it turned out. It's a tasty summer cake with little fussing. Is really good with ice cream and a shot of good schapps when warm.

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          I had company coming in an hour, so there was time to taste it first. My only back up was a big bag of fresh cherries, which wouldn't have too bad.

        2. I loved the title of this post. I kept thinking how nice it would be if this could be the three inch headline in my newspaper on occasion instead of stock market crashes, riots, and famines.

          1. We all know that molten chocolate cakes were originally underbaked by accident and presented with brilliant marketing. I've always thought almond tuiles were, similarly, "mistakes" with good PR.

            Hooray for you for inventing your own successful variation!