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Aug 12, 2011 08:05 PM

Egg Rolls

Someone mentioned to me that there is a chinese restaurant in DDO that is selling egg roll with burnt ends they are just like the ones they used to sell at Bill Wongs - they are small eggrolls. Does anyone know which restaurant it is?

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  1. ya i can't remember the name but it is the buffet on des sources beside the old bourbon st w. i think they sell them frozen. they also do catering.

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    1. re: celfie

      Pavillon Wong.

      Haven't been there in a while, used to be pretty good for buffet until the previous owners sold a couple of years ago. With any luck they've gotten better. It is (or at least used to be) the place that sells small open ended egg rolls that are fried up crispy.

      1. re: MikeyMadness

        i last had the eggrolls 1 yr ago and they were really good.

        1. re: celfie

          On Luck des sources has these eggs rolls,homemade

          On Luck Restaurant
          1701 Boul Des Sources, Pointe-Claire, QC H9R5A2, CA

          1. re: fredmir

            How is On Luck? I always saw it as being similar to the Chinese place on Sources and Gouin; open for years but I don't know anyone who has ever been.

            1. re: jonhall

              It`s a small buffet. very good won ton soup
              It`s heavy with the MSG. Food pretty good

              1. re: jonhall

                That Chinese resto on Sources and Gouin would be Li-Chee Gardens. I've lived in Pierrefonds, not far from that place, for over a decade, and drive by it all the time. I've NEVER once seen cars parked in the lot. Several years ago I mustered up the courage to go in there for takeout. What an experience. The Montreal Mirror wrote them up a while back. It's an interesting read which you can find at the link below.


                1. re: Haggisboy

                  i guess she must live there
                  when we were in high school we would dare each other to go knock on the door
                  would you suggest a visit even today?

                  1. re: celfie

                    Why not. At the very least it would make for an interesting story.

                  2. re: Haggisboy

                    Actually, On Luck used to be in the strip mall where Shahi Palace and Pushap are, across the street from Jean Coutu. Back then there was a Van Horne Bagel there too, I miss that place.

                    For whatever reason, On Luck moved to it's current location by the airport, many years ago.

                    In the late 70's or so, my neighbour used to order take out from Li-Chee all the time. Other than that, and the movie that was filmed at Riverdale, I've rarely seen anybody there.

                    1. re: MikeyMadness

                      Li-Chee could easily be featured on this american life (if this was america) because of the mystique and terror that place evokes. I'd be curious to learn its story - too bad the mirror didn't tease it out. Truth be told, I've always wanted to go inside and it just might be time.

                      1. re: MikeyMadness

                        Ok, now you've got me curious. Are you hinting that the movie that was shot at Riverdale High used the Li-Chee as a set? If so, what was this movie's title?

                          1. re: celfie

                            It was re-released under the name "The Kinky Coaches and the Pom Pom Pussycats", or vice versa. That was in the States. In Canada it was called "Crunch". At least that's how I remember it.

                            Li-Chee and Luna were both used as locations. They got spruced up - new signs and whatnot just for the occasion.

            2. re: celfie

              You said the old bourbon street west...did they move? and if so would you let me know the cross street.

              1. re: Renete

                bourbon street is shut down - it's some new bar now
                same location that you are familar with

                1. re: celfie

                  It didn't shut down, it was just renamed Paul Stevens. Why, I dunno. (Especially such a pointless name - not that Bourbon West wasn't a dumb name too... cuz when I think Nah'leans debauchery and culture, I think... Waste Island!)

                  Just a superficial 'rebranding' as far as anyone can tell. Same owners, same nights, same shows, hell same website - old one brings you here:

              2. re: celfie

                what's so special about those eggrolls?

                  1. re: celfie

                    @Haggisboy that review ricocheted me back to the days when my parents took us out Sunday nite (always a Sunday night) for Chinese food and the water came in colored water jugs...gosh those were good memories cause it wasn't chinese food unless the colored jugs appeared....

              3. @Renete...don't forget to tell us if u get them and how they taste....:))

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